Finding Car Insurance in Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. With a population of over 1,230,000 people, Calgary qualifies as the fourth largest metropolitan area in Canada. The city is a popular tourist destination for winter sports and for those interested in ecotourism. Its economy is based on the petroleum industry, agriculture, tourism and high tech industries. The city is famous for being the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games in 1988.

The streets in Calgary are based on a grid system with numbered avenues and streets. With over 260 kilometres of shared bike paths on streets and over 635 kilometres of multi-use paths, Calgary is a very attractive place for cyclists and people who enjoy walking. Public transportation in the city is provided by Calgary Transit. The C-Train, Calgary’s rail system, was one of the first rail systems of its kind in North America.

Despite the abundance of public transportation and alternate options, many people choose to drive cars in Calgary. Finding car insurance in Calgary is a necessary part of driving a car. Drivers can purchase insurance from the numerous auto insurance companies located in the city and throughout the rest of Canada.

Mandatory Insurance Coverage in Calgary

The Canadian government requires all drivers to have some degree of coverage. Mandatory insurance coverage in Calgary and the rest of Canada includes liability and accident benefits/bodily injury. Liability insurance means that the driver is insured to cover any losses they might cause to others. Accident Benefits/Bodily Injury (commonly abbreviated as AB/BI) is coverage that will pay for medical expenses and loss of income due to a car accident or injury related to driving.

Additional Coverage

Additional insurance coverage that is not required by the Canadian government includes collision coverage that pays for any damage to your car. Comprehensive coverage is another type of insurance you can purchase that will cover you if your car is stolen or vandalized.

Insurance Companies in the City

There are several car insurance companies in Calgary to choose from. Some of these companies are large national branches, such as State Farm Insurance, a company that offers car insurance throughout the United States and Canada. Other companies are smaller and locally based, and they may only offer insurance within the province of Alberta.

Neighbouring Towns and Cities

There are a number of communities on the outskirts of Calgary. They include Airdrie to the north, Cochrane and Redwood Meadows to the west, Okotoks and High River to the south, and Chestermere and Strathmore to the east.