Ontario G1 Restrictions & Requirements

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Turning 16 is a very exciting time for most individuals, as this is the age where you can finally get your driver’s license. Being a driver comes with a lot of responsibility, and there are many steps involved to make sure that you are fully prepared to take on the road. The process of getting your full driver’s license consists of three main steps, the first step being your G1 (also known as your learner’s permit). Once you have achieved this, you can then start to move to your G2, and finally your full G license. 

Auto insurance for G1 drivers

G1 drivers aren’t required to have their own insurance as long as the car they are driving is insured. What this means is that the G1 driver is covered under the insurance of the car owner when they are driving. Insurance requirements change as you move along the licensing process, so it is important that you always have appropriate coverage as you move to more advanced licenses. If you aren’t sure about the cost of covering a G1 driver, you can always check an insurance comparison site for further insight.

Getting your Ontario G1 License

The steps involved in getting your G1 are quite straightforward. All that is required is that you are 16 years old, pass an eye exam, and pass the written test. No appointment is necessary to write the test, all you need to do is show up with a proof of identity, whether this is a birth certificate, passport, health card, etc. and a proof of residency, such as a notice from your school. If you aren’t sure about the proper documents to bring, it might be a good idea to call ahead to confirm.

The vision test is very simple and is performed at the licensing office.

As for the written test, it is quite straightforward. This test is designed to ensure you know the basic rules of the road and best driving practices. It is recommended that you study for this test ahead of time in order to be best prepared. There is also a recommended practice test that can be taken online.

Can you buy a car with only a G1?

You can buy a car at any age, with a license or without. The problem with this occurs when you want to insure the vehicle (you cannot insure a vehicle until you are fully licensed). What this means is you will only be able to drive this car if it is insured under an individual’s name who has their full license.

Can you drive on the highway?

G1 drivers do not have the privilege of driving on most highways. For example, they are prohibited from going on any 400 series highway, as well as any high speed road or expressway. As G1 drivers are still learning, these highways are not a safe place for them or for their passengers to be. Like any skill, it is always required that you learn the basics before you move on to more advanced skills. The only exception to this rule is if the driver is accompanied by a driving instructor.

Ontario G1 restrictions & requirements

There are many restrictions and requirements when it comes to G1 drivers, as these individuals are new drivers with little to no experience. The purpose of this license is to teach new drivers how to drive. The restrictions placed on new drivers include who they can drive with, where they can drive, and when they can drive. For example, G1 drivers are only allowed to drive with an experienced driver who has a full G license. This is so that the G1 driver can have support if needed, and can learn from someone who knows what they are doing. G1 drivers must have a blood alcohol level of zero, cannot drive late at night, must have a seatbelt for all passengers, and cannot drive on the highway. All of these rules are in place to protect the safety of both the driver and their passengers. If these restrictions are disobeyed there are serious consequences.

How many demerit points can you have as a G1 driver?

The rules surrounding demerit points and G1 drivers are quite strict. The amount of demerit points these new drivers receive (if any) need to be kept to a minimum. As a G1 driver, it is very easy to have your license suspended if you receive too many tickets. Once you reach 6-8 demerit points you will have to meet with an official to explain why your license shouldn’t be suspended. This can be easily avoidable by following the rules and restrictions placed on G1 drivers and by practicing cautious driving.

Getting your G2 license

Once you have your G1 for one year (or 8 months if you enroll in an MTO driving school), you are eligible to take your G2 test. Not only will enrolling in a driving school reduce the amount of time it takes to get your G2, it can also potentially save you a ton of money on auto insurance. As a G1 license is just a learner’s permit, most drivers are eager to advance to their G2 as soon as possible for the extra freedom. It is highly suggested that you practice driving as much as you can during the first year of having your learner’s permit so you are well prepared for your G2 road test. This 20 minute test is designed to ensure that you know the rules of the road, practice safe driving techniques, and possess the necessary skills needed to navigate the streets.

Unlike your G1 test, you will need to book your G2 test ahead of time. This can either be done online or over the phone, whichever you prefer. Once your appointment rolls around, it is recommended to show up 15-20 minutes early. When you have your G2 you are only one step away from getting your full G license.

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