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Airdrie, Alberta is one of the fastest growing cities in the province. It is located about 10 minutes north of Calgary, making it a great commuter city for people working in and around the Calgary area. The population of Airdrie is around 40,000 people.

There are a number of providers of car insurance in the city of Airdrie. State Farm, Sharp Insurance, Air-Alta Insurance and Bow Valley Insurance are a few of the companies that serve this unique community.

Insuring an Older Vehicle

It’s important to note that if you are planning to insure a vehicle that is over 10 years old then you are required to submit a mechanical inspection report. You can download one of these reports by clicking here. This is a requirement in Airdrie as well as the rest of Alberta. If your vehicle is less than 10 years old then you will not need one of these reports to insure your car, truck, motorcycle or van.

How Much Will Car Insurance Cost in Airdrie?

When requesting a quote for auto insurance in Airdrie you will also need to provide the brokerage or insurance company with your driver’s licence number and birth date. If more than one person in your family will be driving the vehicle then you will be required to submit their driver’s licence and birth date also. Most brokerages in Alberta can insure a variety of types of vehicles including motorcycles, classic cars, vintage automobiles, etc. In many cases, you can also save money by bundling your home and auto insurance products.

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