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Chestermere is a town in Alberta with a population of around 14,000 people according to Census statistics from 2010. The number of residents living in Chestermere has increased significantly since 1991, when only 918 people were reported to be living here.

Chestermere is largely considered to be a bedroom community of Calgary. It is a thriving recreational region that many people would call laid-back and friendly. It is also a lakeside community that is popular in the summer for Canadians that enjoy wakeboarding, swimming, waterskiing and fishing. The Calgary Yacht Club is based at Chestermere Lake.

There are 6 main neighbourhoods in the town of Chestermere: The Cove, Lakeview, Paradise Meadow, Rainbow Falls, Westcreek and Westmere Estates.

Insuring A Car In Chestermere, Alberta

There are a number of places to find car insurance in Chestermere. The Co-operators Koch Insurance Group have an office on Merganser Drive West.

What Does Car Insurance Protect Against?

Automobile insurance protects against theft, vandalism, fire and collision. These are risks that you face everyday on your commute or even while your car is parked at home. Buying personal auto insurance means you won’t have to worry about finding a way to pay for these damages, if they are to happen to your vehicle.

Chances are that insuring a vehicle in Chestermere will be more affordable than insuring a vehicle in Calgary. This is because statistically your car is more likely to be stolen or damaged in Calgary.

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