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Millennium Insurance

Millennium Insurance is based in Sherwood Park, Alberta. They sell personal and commercial auto insurance products to customers throughout Alberta, including residents of Fort McMurray. They also provide specialty insurance for trailers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, motor homes, ATVs, and watercraft. To get an insurance quote or ask about their coverage you can contact a Millennium representative at 1-866-467-1245. Their offices are open between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

The Co-operators

If you’re looking to insure a car with The Co-operators then contact Gregory Clark by calling 780-588-2667. His insurance office is located at 1-310 Thickwood Boulevard in Woodlands Centre. As far as we can tell Clark is the only Co-operators agent in Fort McMurray.

Intact Insurance

There are five Intact Insurance brokers based in the Fort McMurray area: A-Win Insurance, Canada Brokerlink, Rogers Insurance, Infinity Insurance, and TW Insurance Brokers.

TW Insurance Brokers

There is a TW Insurance office in Fort McMurray. It is located at 107-9908 Franklin Avenue. Their office is open Monday to Friday between 8:30AM and 5:00PM and you can speak to them on the telephone by calling 1-780-791-0035. They offer a variety of insurance products including home insurance, auto insurance, and a combination home/auto insurance policy. They even offer group insurance for small businesses. To learn more contact TW Insurance today.

Infinity Insurance Brokers

Infinity Insurance is located at #2-213 Timberline Drive in Fort McMurray. To find out more about the automobile insurance products provided by Infinity please contact them at 780-790-1578.

Rogers Insurance North

Rogers Insurance has one of the largest insurance offices in the Fort McMurray area. The company specializes in business and commercial insurance for employers in Fort McMurray. Rogers has 18 employees at their location at 10016 Franklin Avenue. Rogers Insurance is open Monday to Friday and you can speak to them toll-free by calling 1–866–910–3770.


The Alberta Motor Association has one office in Fort McMurray, located at 4 Hospital Street. To speak to their Insurance Services division please dial 780-743-2653. The Grande Prairie AMA Office is open Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 5:30PM.

Highest Theft Rates in Canada

A 2010 study published by Macleans Magazine showed that Fort McMurray had the highest percentage of auto theft in the entire country. The percentage difference between the national average and Fort McMurray’s rate is 208.95%. Despite Fort McMurray’s dismal numbers in 2010, the report shows that the national average had dropped 40% since 2000. The top 10 worst cities for theft also included Joliette, Quebec; Surrey, British Columbia; Kelowna, British Columbia; Brantford, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; Grande Prairie, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Langley, British Columbia; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Getting Around Town

There are regularly scheduled flights to Fort McMurray from Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, St. John’s, and a number of other smaller towns throughout Canada. There are many transient workers in the Fort McMurray so flights are typically booked to capacity during most of the year. For people without vehicles, Fort McMurray Transit (FMT) provides bus services to the community. If you are heading further from town then you have the option of taking Red Arrow or Greyhound buses. If you are driving between Edmonton and Fort McMurray then your main option is Highway 63. The trip will take you about five and half hours depending on weather and traffic.

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