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High River, Alberta is a town that is located 37 kilometers south of Calgary. It has a population of just over 10,000 residents. Although it is some distance from the City of Calgary, it is still considered a part of the Calgary Region.

The town is named for the Highwood River, which flows through the town and often causes flooding in some parts of the town in the spring. High River is served by the High River Regional Airport and by transportation based in nearby Calgary. A lot of residents also drive cars, trucks, motorcycles and vans. For those residents, finding affordable auto insurance is very important. That’s where we can help.

A Better Way to Find Auto Insurance in High River, AB

When insuring your vehicle in Alberta you will want to ensure you have your lease agreement or bill of sale when you go to insure your car. In many cases, you can do this over the phone but you may be required to send in some documentation. If you own an older vehicle then a vehicle inspection report may be necessary. Usually a car must be over 10 years old to require one of these reports but it’s best to check with your insurance agent.

If you are bringing a vehicle into Alberta from another province then you will be required to provide documentation from your previous province regarding its last vehicle inspection. Otherwise you may need to find a qualified auto inspection shop in your area.


The other requirement in High River, and other cities in Alberta, is to have the driver’s licence numbers and dates of birth of anyone that will be driving the vehicle. If you have that information then you are well on your way to getting your vehicle insured.

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