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Here are some of your options if you’re looking for car insurance quotes in Lethbridge, Alberta.

State Farm

There are two State Farm Insurance agents based in the Lethbridge area: Harley Phillips and Jeff Jacobs. Jeff Jacobs is located at 1010 Mayor Magrath Drive South. He is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge and is also a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB). Harley Phillips’ office is located at 240 13 Street North and he is also a University of Lethbridge graduate and a member of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. If you live in the Lethbridge area then you can get home, life, and car insurance quotes from either of these State Farm agents.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate has one office in Lethbridge located at 3115 26th Avenue North. They are open Monday to Friday and their telephone number is 403-327-7325. According to the Allstate website, Blake Reichert is the Agency Manager and agents Tracey Wiebe and Tia Gilmore also work out of the Lethbridge office. You can get quotes from Allstate Insurance by visiting their website or by calling one of their agents in Lethbridge.

McKillop Insurance & Registry Services

McKillop offers home, farm, tenant, commercial, and auto insurance to residents of Lethbridge. They have been in business since 1953 and they are currently located at 290-10 Street North. McKillop Insurance is more than just a place to find insurance. If you need to renew your licence plates or driver’s licence then McKillop can help. They also provide vital statistics services, for Lethbridge residents that need marriage certificates, death certificates, and birth certificates. Bruce McKillop is the owner and president of the company.

The Co-operators

If you want to get insurance from The Co-operators then you have two options in Lethbridge: Bridge Insurance Agencies and Merriman Insurance Services. Bridge Insurance Agencies is located at 3226 Fairway Street South and Merriman Insurance is located at 502 5 Avenue South. You can also get an insurance quote by calling The Co-operators’ toll free telephone number at 1-866-368-1188. The Co-operators have a lot more than just car insurance too. If you need business, home, or life insurance then you are in luck. For more information visit The Co-operators’ website or call a local agent in the Lethbridge area.

Armour Insurance

Armour Insurance is based in Edmonton but they offer car insurance to customers all over Alberta, including clients in Lethbridge, Sherwood Park, and Lloydminster. You can reach Armour by calling 403-327-4014 or by visiting their website. The company offers discounts for claims-free driving, seniors, anti-theft devices, and for insuring multiple vehicles.

Kirkham Insurance

Kirkham Insurance is located at 205-11 Street South in Lethbridge. They provide personal insurance products to people in the Lethbridge area, including car insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance. You can get insurance quotes by visiting the Kirkham website or by calling them on the telephone. If you live in Alberta then you can reach Kirkham Insurance toll free at 1-800-256-2155.

Schwartz Reliance

Schwartz Reliance Insurance is another insurance option for people living in Lethbridge. Their offices are located at #300-10 Street South and their telephone number is 403-320-1010. Schwartz Reliance is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta, the Insurance Institute of Canada, and the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. For personal and commercial insurance quotes please contact Schwartz Reliance.

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