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Take the time to explore some of your options for car insurance in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There are a few insurance agencies to choose from.


Allstate Insurance has an office in Medicine Hat at 610 Kingsway Avenue Southeast. Their offices are open Monday to Friday between 9:00AM and 6:00PM and you can contact an Allstate representative in Medicine Hat by calling 1-403-526-6100.

TSG Insurance

There are three TSG Insurance locations in Alberta: Medicine Hat, Calgary, and Brooks. “TSG” stands for Thomson, Schindle, and Green. The group has been offering car insurance solutions to residents of Southern Alberta since 1985. You can get home, auto, and commercial insurance quotes by visiting the TSG website or by calling their offices at 1-800-830-9423. Their after-hours claims line is 1-888-224-5677. The TSG website also allows you the option of purchasing home and auto insurance online. TSG Insurance is affiliated with the following insurance companies: The Dominion, RSA, SGI, Optimum, Intact, CNA, and The Economical.

Legends Insurance

Legends Insurance is a coverage provided by Thomson, Schindle, and Green (TSG) Insurance & Financial Services Limited. They offer a custom insurance product called the Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance Package that is popular among collector car owners in Alberta. This coverage is for pleasure-use only, which means you cannot drive your collector car to work or school. This coverage is suitable for people wanting to take their classic and custom vehicles to car club events, parades, show & shines, and other exhibitions. With Legends Collector Vehicle Insurance you are not allowed to drive more than 5,000 kilometres each year. You can get Legends Insurance products from the TSG offices located in Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Brooks.


You have a few options if you live in Medicine Hat and you’re looking to find auto insurance from The Co-operators. The first option is Northside Agencies Limited. They are located at #66A-8 Street Northwest in Medicine Hat. The other location in the city is Skogen Insurance Services, which can be found at #103-1235 Southview Drive Southeast.

Cypress Insurance

Cypress Insurance Services Limited is a provider of dental, life, auto, health, and disability insurance products from some of Canada’s biggest insurance companies including Aviva, The Dominion, Elite Insurance, RSA, Traders Group Market, and Wawanesa. Cypress Insurance is also a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta (IBAA). If you have any specific questions about the products they sell you might want to contact Cypress Insurance by calling 403-504-1088. Cypress Insurance also has a website with a listing of all of their staff members.

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