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Okotoks is a town in Alberta with a population of 23,000 residents. Its employment base is in the sectors of education, construction, agriculture, trade, retail, logistics, home-based business and transportation. The town is served by the High River Hospital, the Black Diamond Hospital, Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre, and a number of other medical clinics.

Location of Okotoks

The Town of Okotoks is just 20 kilometres south of Calgary. The city is located a convenient distance from a number of popular destinations including Calgary International Airport, downtown Calgary, Banff National Park and Lethbridge. To get to all of these great places many people in Okotoks own cars and trucks. Finding car insurance for these vehicles is necessary and using a service like Complete Insurance makes it that much easier.

Mandatory Car Insurance in Okotoks, AB

The Albertan Government requires that all vehicles have third party liability and accident benefits coverage.

Third Party Liability

$200,000 liability is the minimum amount required by law in the province of Alberta but most people recommend at least $1,000,000 in third party coverage.

Accident Benefits Coverage

The other type of mandatory insurance for vehicles in Alberta is accident benefits protection. These are benefits that you and certain family members may be entitled to receive if injured or killed in a collision. Depending on the coverage you choose, you may be covered for the following: income replacement, funeral expenses, medical treatment, rehabilitation costs and payment for grief counselling for your family. Ask you insurance agent about coverage limits as they will vary greatly for each benefit listed above.

Collision & Comprehensive Insurance

You also have the option of adding collision and comprehensive insurance onto your policy. This insurance coverage will allow residents of Okotoks to be reimbursed for damages to their vehicle. For more information visit our “Comprehensive” page.


When it comes to insurance there are always additional policies, and auto insurance in Alberta is no different. For a few extra dollars per month you can add coverage to protect your windshield glass, loss of use coverage that pays for car rentals when you car is being repaired, waiver of depreciation, and family protection coverage.

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