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belair direct auto insurance

About belairdirect insurance

With online service and bundled packages, belairdirect makes car insurance both simple and cost effective for customers. Having provided insurance for over 60 years, belairdirect has built up a reputation of safety and trust amongst their 500,000+ customers. 

In 1997, belairdirect was the first insurance company to provide online car insurance quotes to its customers. Just over a ten years later, in 1989, belairdirect became part of the Intact Financial Corporation family. Ever since, all of their policies are underwritten by Belair Insurance Company Inc. and The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada.

Belairdirect auto insurance coverages

Catering to a wide customer base, belairdirect offers several coverage options including bundling deals. A standard car insurance policy includes liability insurance, accident benefits insurance, uninsured automobile coverage, and direct compensation property damage.

When it comes to standard coverage, liability is the main priority. Liability coverage is mandatory for all drivers in Canada and will protect you from the financial burden of paying for expenses out of pocket should you be responsible for personal injury or damage to property. 


For example, liability insurance will protect you financially if you accidentally hit a traffic post with your vehicle or you accidentally injure someone while you're driving.

Accident benefits will cover costs that exceed Ontario health care should you be injured in a collision. This coverage will offer financial benefits while you’re recovering from a car accident. Regardless of who is at fault, accident benefits will protect you, your passenger, or whoever is injured.

Uninsured automobile coverage provides coverage for personal injury or property damage caused by an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run.

DCPD offers financial protection if the other driver causes a collision and damages your car and its contents. This will cover the damages. In a situation where the other driver is 50% at fault, this policy will cover 50% of the costs to repair your car.

No-fault insurance is a term you will become familiar with if you’re looking for car insurance. Ontario is a no-fault province, meaning if you are injured or your car is damaged in an accident, your own insurance company must handle your claim, no matter which party is the cause of the accident. You will not need to contact the driver who is at fault for compensation in Ontario because of the no-fault laws that are in place. If there are passengers in your car who are injured, each person that has insurance through an agency will need to contact their own insurance company for coverage. If the passengers don’t have a car insurance policy, your insurance company may handle the claim for them. The other car involved must also contact their respective insurance company to file a claim.

Optional Car Insurance

While a standard insurance policy only provides the basics when it comes to coverage, many drivers choose to purchase additional coverage for their policy.

A major contributing factor to high insurance premiums is a driving record with tickets and conviction. This can end up costing a driver a large sum of money over time. As a result, belairdirect gives their customers the option of accident forgiveness, which allows you to cause one accident without it resulting in an increase in your premium at the time of renewal. 


Alongside accident forgiveness, customers will also be offered Emergency Roadside Assistance, providing up to $50 in roadside service should you encounter any troubles with your vehicle. 


  • Towing (within 50km)
  • Wheel change
  • Gas delivery
  • Battery boost
  • Door unlocking 
  • Winching (cars only)

There are certain criteria you must meet in order to qualify for accident forgiveness. These include:


  • Having the accident forgiveness endorsement on your policy
  • Be claims-free for seven years prior to the at-fault accident
  • Accident forgiveness only applies to the vehicle covered by your policy, the main driver and while you’re a belairdirect customer 
  • Accident forgiveness is waived in the case of a convicted criminal code offence or serious conviction

Covers the cost of replacing or repairing your car if it’s involved in a collision. As this is optional, collision coverage will add an additional amount to your premium.

Choosing to include comprehensive insurance to your base policy will make sure you're protected should your car be damaged by anything other than a collision. This can be anything from fire, theft, vandalism, to falling objects and more.

While it is always better to be safe than sorry, belairdirect offers Autocomfort to customers for a few extra dollars. Many belairdirect customers choose this optional coverage for the extra peace of mind that comes with it.

Autocomfort provides added protection should you be involved in an accident. This will enhance the coverage benefits offered through your standard car insurance policy.


Autocomfort includes the following features:


  • Should a rental vehicle be damaged/need to be replaced, this loss will be insured up to $3000 per event. 
  • If you cause damage to a rental vehicle anywhere in Canada or the United States, you will have coverage up to $45,000.
  • Emergency roadside assistance, $50 per occurrence.


In order to include autocomfort coverage in your policy, it is required that you also have both collision and comprehensive insurance as well.


belairdirect takes pride in the wide range of policies that they can offer their customers. When you’re in the market for a new policy, or looking to save money on your existing policy, we recommend comparing rates through belairdirect.

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