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History of Certas Auto Insurance

The Desjardins Group comprises several subsidiary companies such as The Personal, Desjardins General Insurance (DGI), Desjardins Financial Security, and Certas Direct Insurance Company. Established in 1993, Certas Insurance is a major driver in Ontario and Alberta’s home and car insurance market. With a staff of over 200 agents, Certas auto insurance is a direct subsidiary of Desjardins General Insurance (DGI). While Certas only serves the provinces of Ontario and Alberta, as an entity, the Desjardins Group has over 5 million customers across the country. With over 2 million customers, Certas Direct is proud to be the third largest property and casualty insurance company in Canada.

Certas Direct Average Auto Insurance Rates

On average, Certas Direct offers their customers very reasonable auto insurance rates. Similar to most insurance providers, the average insurance rates paid by Certas customers will vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the city you live in. For example, a driver in Toronto can expect to pay a monthly rate of about $188 where a driver in Ottawa will see their monthly rate closer to $130.

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What Does Certas Direct Insurance Cover?

A standard insurance policy will offer liability protection, accident benefits, and uninsured driver coverage, as required by law. This standard policy is ideal for customers who are looking for the basics.

Third-Party Liability Insurance

This coverage will pay for damages caused by the other party involved in an accident that is your fault. Ontario drivers must have a minimum amount of $200,000 in coverage, however because accident damages can add up quickly, many drivers choose to carry policies with $1-$2 million or more in coverage.

Third-Party Liability insurance will cover costs related to property damage, medical bills, death and funeral expenses, and loss of income as a direct result of the accident.

Accident Benefits Coverage

This insurance provides benefits to you and your family after an accident if you sustain injuries or are killed in the accident. This coverage can pay for things such as permanent disability if you are unable to return to normal work activities, payment of medical costs, funeral expenses, expenses for rehabilitation services, or survivor benefits if you are killed in the accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured Motorist coverage is just that – coverage that pays for damages that are caused by a driver who does not carry any auto insurance on their vehicle, or for damages that exceed the amount of coverage that the person is carrying. Since many people choose to have on the required amounts of coverage and many times accidents exceed that limit, this insurance is very beneficial.

Direct Compensation and Property Damage Coverage

One of the best coverages available to drivers, direct compensation and property damages coverage pays for your injuries and repairs after an accident if you are not at fault, while regular liability only pays for the other party’s damages. Without this coverage you could be left with thousands of dollars in car repairs or property damage with no help covering the costs.

When registering your vehicle in Ontario you will need to show your “Pink” card. This card serves as proof of insurance. The card must be kept inside of the vehicle at all times and shown when you are stopped by a law enforcement officer. It must also be brought forth to the Minister of Transportation each year when renewing your vehicle registration. Without this card you will not be able to register your vehicle.

No-Fault Insurance

No-fault insurance is a term you will become familiar with if you’re looking for car insurance. Ontario is a no-fault province, meaning if you are injured or your car is damaged in an accident, your own insurance company must handle your claim, no matter which party is the cause of the accident. You will not need to contact the driver who is at fault for compensation in Ontario because of the no-fault laws that are in place. If there are passengers in your car who are injured, each person that has insurance through an agency will need to contact their own insurance company for coverage. If the passengers don’t have a car insurance policy, your insurance company may handle the claim for them. The other car involved must also contact their respective insurance company to file a claim.

Optional Coverage from Certas Direct

Certas offers a wide variety of optional coverage to customers who are looking to take their protection to the next level protection.

Collision & Upset Coverage

If you’re responsible for crashing or rolling your car, collision and upset coverage will cover resulting expenses. 

Comprehensive Coverage

When most individuals think of car insurance, they immediately think of car accidents. What most forget to consider is the risks drivers face beyond collisions such as theft, vandalism, or fireComprehensive coverage will protect you and your vehicle from all of the above.

Endorsement 44R

When your standard policy doesn’t cover the full liability of your claim, an endorsement 44R will have your back. This is used in severe circumstances where serious injury or death occurs. As severe injuries or death can take a major toll on both your and your family’s well being, a major financial burden will make matters even worse. This can be avoided with an endorsement 44R. 

Accident Protection

Typically when you’re involved in an accident, your monthly insurance rates will skyrocket as a result. Luckily, you can avoid these costs with accident protection coverage. While this might seem unnecessary, accidents do happen. Paying for this feature monthly will most likely outweigh the potential cost of having to pay a higher premium for years to come.

Certas Direct Discounts

Offering customers a variety of discounts, Certas Insurance is an attractive choice for many. No matter your situation, you can find a way to take advantage of these savings and experience the benefits of being a Certa customer.

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Adjusto App

With the tap of a button, you can download Certa Direct’s official app called “Adjusto” which keeps track of your driving habits. Customers who download this app will receive a discount of up to 25%. As long as you download the app, you are eligible for this discount whether you have excellent or poor driving skills. It is that easy.

Bundle Home & Auto Policies

Whether you have multiple insurance policies or multiple drivers for one vehicle, Certas will provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Hybrid Vehicle Discounts

When you benefit the environment, Certas benefits you. Those who drive environmentally-friendly, hybrid vehicles can save big on monthly rates. Not only do you get to save the environment, you get to save money too. 

Anti-Theft Device

You can save money on your insurance when you install an anti-theft device on your vehicle, whether an alarm, wheel lock, ignition blocking system, tracking device, or otherwise. For a full list of approved anti-theft devices, contact Certas Direct Insurance.

Student Discounts

Whether you are a college student under the age of 25 or a recent graduate, you will be eligible for a student discount. 

Loyalty Discounts

Certas likes to reward their loyal customers. So, once you have been with Certas for three years, you can start to reap the benefits of the loyalty discount.

How to Submit a Claim

Certa Direct makes it easy to make a claim. When you wish to make a claim, you can either call in using the number below or submit your claim directly on their website using their simplified online process.

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