Chieftan Auto Insurance in Ontario

Chieftain Insurance is a product of the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company. Chieftain offers simplified insurance products in Ontario including automobilehomeowners, condo and tenants insurance.

Advantages of Chieftain

The main selling points on the Chieftain Insurance website are as follows:

1) When you purchase a policy with Chieftain it is a continuous policy. This means that it will never expire unless you cancel it. The advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about renewing your policy. The only negative is that you might not be willing to compare prices if you’re not paying much attention to your bills.

2) Chieftain Insurance is rated monthly, which means that your insurance rates are up to date.

3) You can pay online via credit car or through online and telephone banking payments. This is pretty standard with many companies but is a nice perk if you don’t currently have it.

What is Covered with a Chieftain Auto Insurance Policy?

If you drive a private passenger vehicle then Chieftain currently covers for the following: Accident Benefits, Family Protection, Waiver of Depreciation, $2 Million Liability, Direct Compensation, All Perils and Uninsured Automobile. The best way to find out specific information about the policies that they offer is to contact a Chieftain insurance broker.

Making Claims

Chieftain Insurance has a 24-hour emergency claims service, which means they will be there for you when you need them. According to their website, they will contact you within 4 hours of a claim.

Chieftain Commercial Auto Insurance

They also offer commercial auto insurance that is tailored to the needs of your company. The Chieftain Insurance website doesn’t have much information about their commercial car insurance but they recommend you contact one of their brokers to find out more.
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