Chieftan Insurance Review

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Chieftan Insurance Company

Founded in 1999, Chieftain Insurance is a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance. They offer a range of products covering both home and auto insurance to consumers in Ontario. Chieftain Insurance aims to provide a range of standardized, basic insurance at low prices. If you are an Ontarian on a budget simply looking for an insurer who will provide a reliable policy that meets all the legal requirements without expensive add-ons, Chieftain might just be for you. The company provides three major perks with their policies:

Continuous protection

Simply put, this eliminates the fear of your policy running out. Chieftain Insurance automatically renews its customers’ insurance plans. So, your insurance policy never expires, unless you choose to terminate it at no extra cost.

Flexible payment options

Chieftain Insurance accepts a range of payment methods so you can pay directly via credit card, or choose an online or telephone banking option.

Direct savings

Chieftain adjusts the cost of your insurance policy every month. This means that any rewards you earn are applied more quickly than with a yearly payment plan. So, if your driving record is pristine, you will see your insurance rates reflecting your good driving from one month to the next. Chieftain’s direct adjustment means you see savings directly.

Chieftan Insurance Perks

Along with their policy perks, Chieftain Insurance also supplies the following:

How to get in touch

In order to obtain a quote from Chieftain Insurance, you can visit their website to find a quote directly from a broker: It’s important to remember that Chieftain Insurance only supplies coverage to car owners in Ontario. If you’re from any other Canadian territory, you will have to look for a different localized, affordable insurer. 

If you are tempted by Chieftain Insurance’s products but want additional kinds of coverage, it’s worth looking at the parent company, Travellers. Travelers Insurance tries to maintain relatively low prices while including a much broader range of add-ons. 

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