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Coachman Insurance Company

Founded in 1979, Coachman Insurance Company is a subsidiary of SGI Canada. Coachman Insurance is only operational in Ontario with SGI Canada using separate branches in other territories. Coachman Insurance offers auto insurance as well as property and commercial business insurance. The Coachman company differs from most mainstream insurance providers because they specialize in non-standard insurance for drivers. So, what is non-standard auto insurance? Well, insurance is broken down into three categories:

Preferred Auto Insurance

This category is for drivers with the cleanest driving records and best vehicle usage characteristics. In other words, drivers who pose the least risk to insurance brokers.

Standard Auto Insurance

This is the most basic form of car insurance. Most drivers with few infractions on a driving record and a brief claims history qualify with standard insurance.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance

This is for car owners with a particularly rocky driving record or extensive claims history that pose a higher risk to insurance brokers. High risk essentially means that the cost to the insurance company will be higher than the premium they earn from the customer.

For high risk car owners, getting insurance can be difficult but it is an essential step towards getting back on track. This is because a long term insurance plan improves your driving record as well protecting you in the event of an accident. Most insurers frequently refuse to insure high-risk car owners. Coachman Insurance Company not only seeks out these drivers, they also endeavour to provide competitive prices. Because they carry the most risk to insurers, customers looking for non-standard coverage typically pay higher insurance premiums than preferred or standard customers.

Is Coachman right for you?

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the Coachman company:

Coachmen Insurance Company policies cover the following:


Coachman Insurance reviews are quite hard to come by and it’s difficult to say whether their customer service is up to the standards or other insurance providers. However, the insurance products are undeniable lifelines for car owners struggling to find insurance. 

Remember, Coachman Insurance Company only caters to clients in Ontario. If you feel like Coachman has the right product for you, you can access them from other territories through other subsidiaries: SGI Canada in Saskatchewan, and SGI Canada Insurance Services Ltd. in Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta.

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