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About Elite Insurance Company

Elite Insurance is a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Incorporated. They are one of Canada’s largest lifestyle and leisure insurance providers. They offer products such as recreational vehicle insurance, mobile home insurance, trailer insurance, hobby farm insurance, horse insurance, sailboat insurance, and powerboat insurance. They also have a line of antique, vintage, collector, and customer car insurance.

About Aviva Insurance

Tracing their roots from 1696, Aviva insurance has a long and progressive history. They’ve grown considerably and are now serving 29 million customers in 16 counties. This makes Aviva plc one of the largest insurance groups globally. 

Aviva Canada is a subsidiary of Aviva plc, they employ over 3,000 people, have 1,500 independent brokers, and 27 locations across Canada serving over 3 million customers.

Aviva Canada Insurance products are sold through their six subsidiaries:

Aviva Insurance

The Aviva Insurance Company of Canada has been offering insurance to Canadians for more than 100 years. They offer personal and commercial insurance products through their independent brokers.

Aviva Elite Insurance

Aviva Elite Insurance Company is the lifestyle and leisure insurance subsidiary, which specializes in recreational vehicle coverage.

Aviva Elite Insurance

Aviva Elite is the lifestyle and leisure insurance subsidiary, which specializes in recreational vehicle coverage.

Scottish & York Insurance

Aviva Scottish & York Insurance is focused on selling traditional auto and home insurance coverage in Canada.

Pilot Insurance Company

Aviva Pilot Insurance is only available in the province of Ontario. Its name may be somewhat misleading because Pilot Insurance offers only automobile and property insurance services – not insurance for planes or pilots.

Traders General Insurance

Aviva Traders Insurance is focused on offering group insurance benefits to organizations, businesses, and other groups in Canada. They provide home and auto insurance coverage to medium and large-sized groups around the country.

Aviva Insurance Intermediaries

Aviva Canada has minority ownership in a number of broker businesses. They also fully own National Home Warranty Group in British Columbia; Mones & Associates Insurance in Alberta; OIS Ontario Insurance, Insurance Agent Service Incorporated, and Wayfarer Insurance Brokers in Ontario; Services D’Assurance Youville in Quebec; Wayfarer Insurance Brokers in New Brunswick; and Arctic Insurance Brokers in the Northwest Territories.

How to get in touch with Aviva Elite Insurance

You can contact the Elite Insurance Company by calling 1-800-387-4518. If you have a claim you can contact Aviva Canada at 1-866-692-8482.

Aviva Canada is located at 2206 Eglinton Avenue East in Scarborough, Ontario.

They have regional offices in

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