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All of the car insurance products sold by GP Car & Home are provided by Trafalgar Insurance, which is a subsidiary of Intact Financial. Intact is the largest provider of vehicle insurance in Canada. GP Car & Home was originally known as Grey Power Insurance, until they recently rebranded their company. Grey Power became popular by providing insurance to people with many years of good driving habits, specifically people in their forties, fifties, sixties and seventies. On the GP Car & Home website it says that people in their fifties don’t want to be associated with the word “grey” anymore – hence the importance of a name change and a rebrand.

Snowbird Insurance

Some Canadians in their sixties and seventies head south over the winter months. GP Car & Home will try to accommodate these customers by offering a 45-day suspension on your car insurance coverage. When you return from your trip then you will have to contact GP to get them to reinstate your insurance. If you are going to be gone for longer than 45 days, you will have to contact a representative from GP Car & Home to ask them about your options. You may have to cancel your policy entirely (which may with a penalty) or you may find it easier to just keep your car insured for a portion of your trip. Either way, GP Insurance tries to help Canadian snowbirds so that they can enjoy their time in the sun.

Responsible Driver Guarantee

GP Car & Home Insurance has a Responsible Driver Guarantee. If you purchase this additional coverage then your premiums will not be affected after your first at-fault claim. If you don’t have the Responsible Driver Guarantee then your premiums may go up when you go to renew your coverage.

Reporting a Claim With GP

GP Car & Home has a 24/7 Claims line: 1-855-256-2525. If the damage to your vehicle is minor then you can speak to a GP insurance broker before making a claim: 1-855-257-2525. When you are making a claim, make sure that you have the following things with you: your insurance policy number, information about the accident, a list of the damages, and a contact number. If you have any questions about making a claims you can visit the GP Car & Home website or contact either of the numbers listed here.

Getting a Car Insurance Quote

You can get an auto insurance quote from GP Car & Home by visiting their website or by calling 1-855-296-2525.

If you’re not interested in GP Insurance then you can get quotes by using our website,

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