Jevco Insurance Company Review

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Jevco Insurance Review

Operating out of Mississauga, Ontario, Jevco has been providing drivers with auto insurance for over 30 years. Unlike your standard insurance providers, Jevco offers non-standard personal auto insurance to their clients. This is good news for any driver who has struggled to get a car insurance policy from other insurance providers in the past. Whether you’re considered a high-risk driver or not, you will likely have luck getting insured by Jevco insurance.

In 2012, Canada’s biggest insurance provider, Intact Financial Corporation (IFC), took Jevco under its wings. While Intact offers a range of insurance products including home, auto and business insurance, Jevco specializes in personal non-standard car insurance for high-risk customers who are looking to insure their vehicles.

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Non-Standard Car Insurance Ontario

There are several reasons why drivers may struggle to obtain personal auto insurance in Ontario. Whether you have a history of filing insurance claims, have had your license suspended, multiple traffic convictions or otherwise, you may need to purchase high-risk insurance. If this sounds like you, Jevco is likely your best bet. This insurance company enables drivers to access insurance solutions when they struggle to find a policy elsewhere.

Who is considered a high-risk driver?

High-risk drivers are those who have a poor driving record, have been involved in multiple accidents and have received multiple convictions. If you’re known to be a high-risk driver, insurance providers have a reason to believe that you’re a danger to the road, and as a result, are less willing to provide you with an insurance policy. Insurance companies see high-risk drivers as a threat and as a result charge higher premiums to their customers.

Why Jevco Insurance Company?

Unique Insurance Policies: Jevco Insurance Company offers unique auto insurance policies as they cater to high-risk drivers. While Jevco is primarily known for offering high-risk insurance to their customers, they can also put you in touch with Intact Financial Corporation, their parent company, for favourable insurance quotes. Should you be looking for other types of insurance such as motorcycle insurance, commercial property, commercial auto, Jevco has you covered.

Flexible Payment Options: Jevco offers their customers flexible payment options through their EasiPay system. This runs over either a 6 or 12-month period and customers have the choice of making monthly payments or one lump sum payment.

24/7 Claims: You can file a claim with Jevco either by phone or by email when it’s most convenient for you. If you choose to contact the claims team by phone, they can be reached at 1-866-864-1112. If you’re filing your claim via email, you can send it to [email protected]

Professional Repairs: Should your vehicle need repair, Jevco clients have access to top quality repair shops and customer service through the Rely Network®.

What's included in a standard Jevco insurance policy?

It’s required by law for every driver in Canada to have valid car insurance. Jevco insurance policies provide the basic mandatory requirements in Ontario, which include the following:

Third-Party Liability:$200,000 in third-party liability, which will protect you from the financial burden of being sued for damages or injuries you caused.

Accident Benefits Insurance:In the event that you’re injured in an accident, accident benefits will cover any costs that exceed provincial health care.

Direct Compensation-Property Damage (DCPD):Direct Compensation Property Damage is in place to protect you financially should another driver damage your vehicle in a collision.

Uninsured Automobile Coverage: With uninsured automobile coverage, you will have coverage for any personal injury or property damage that results from an accident with an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run.

Jevco Optional Insurance

While most drivers opt for basic insurance, Jevco customers have the choice of purchasing optional insurance coverage. There are many types of optional insurance available to those who want added protection and peace of mind. Optional insurance can provide drivers with coverage for several perils such as fires, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and more. Unfortunately, these optional features come at a higher cost and can be quite expensive for high-risk customers who are already stuck paying a higher premium.

Purchasing car insurance doesn’t have to be a nuisance. At Complete Car, we’re happy to offer drivers free insurance quotes for Jevco insurance. Even if you’re a high-risk driver, we can help you get behind the wheel in no time with a non-standard personal auto insurance policy tailored to your specific needs.

Fast Car Insurance Quotes

Compare quotes from Canada’s top providers to get the best car insurance rate! 

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