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Kanetix.ca is now RATESDOTCA

Kanetix was incorporated in 1999. Founders George Small and Gregory Ellis wanted to create a better customer experience for Canadians looking for insurance. You can currently get quotes for car insurance from Kanetix if you are living in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.

Insurance Offered by Kanetix.ca

You can get instant insurance quotes from Kanetix for a variety of policies including business, auto, property, critical illness, life, travel, and motorcycle insurance. After you compare prices you can apply online or contact a Kanetix Insurance representative directly to get the insurance you’ve read about on their website. The company has a page with a lot of glowing testimonials from people that have used the company’s services in the past.

What Does Their Auto Insurance Cover?

Like most car insurance policies, Kanetix provides liability, property and medical coverage. The liability portion pays for any legal repercussions that may come from causing property damage or bodily harm to others. Property protection will pay for any damage to your vehicle. The medical coverage portion protects you against the cost of rehabilitation, injury treatment and in some cases funeral expenses and lost wages. The exact things covered on an insurance policy will be dependent on your insurance company and the auto insurance policy that you choose. Kanetix has an extensive website so visit it to find out more about their specific product offerings.

Kanetix in the United States

Kanetix has launched a website for the US market. Kanetix.com allows Americans the opportunity to get insurance quotes and compare prices, just like the Canadian Kanetix website.

The Name

According to the Kanetix website, the name “Kanetix” comes from the word kinetic “meaning active, dynamic and energizing.” The site also says that the “kan” part sounds Canadian, the “k” part is to be different, the “net” part is because “that’s our business” and the “x” shows the “transfer of information through motion.”

Suppliers & Partners

Their are a number of well-known companies listed on the Kanetix website as being associated with the company. These include CAA, belairdirect, RBC Car Insurance, Intact Insurance, Allstate Insurance, and AXA. If you do further research there are a number of other companies listed as suppliers including Aviva CanadaBMOChieftain InsuranceCoachman Insurance, Co-operators and Desjardins Insurance to name a few.

Auto Insurance News

Kanetix has a useful news section on their website with the latest information about Canadian drivers, insurance across the country, financial tips and current topics in the insurance world. The website contributes 20-30 news articles every month on a variety of personal finance topics.

Additional Product Offerings

Kanetix is more than just car insurance. The website offers property insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, dental insurance, international student insurance and health insurance policies. It also offers Canadians a chance to compare credit cards and mortgage rates to find a suitable option.

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