Mazda Car Insurance Rates (2020 Update)

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About Mazda

Mazda; in 1920 it started its life as a cork manufacturer.  In October of 1931, this company was introduced to Japan and was called the Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.  The first vehicle coming out of the company was a tricycle trick called the Mazda Go. Because the company that made this vehicle was managed by a man called Matsuda, the name of this first vehicle sounded fitting.  When looking at the name of the man who managed the company and what it was called, many wonder how it became known as Mazda.

The word Mazda comes from the God of harmony, wisdom, and intelligence who was called Ahura Mazda.  It comes from one of the earliest civilizations found in West Asia.  The many members of Toyo Kogyo interpreted the name Mazda as a symbol of the beginning of the West and East civilizations.  They also say it is a symbol of automotive culture and civilization.

Toyo Kogyo was renamed Mazda Motor Corporation as a light in the automotive industry and a contribution to world peace.  The name was also a way to pay respect to the substantial founder.  The family names were pronounced close to the word Mazda.  In 1984, the company renamed itself Mazda.  The headquarters are located in Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.  Since 2011, Mazda has been one of the top fifteen largest car manufacturers worldwide.  Over the past couple of decades, in Canada, the Mazda has become very popular.

The Mazda 3

You can get this car as a hatchback or sedan with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.  It is mated with either an automatic transmission or a six-speed manual.  The ride has also been improved where it is now firm and absorbs impacts well.  It is also less sporty than other models but the handling is still nimble.  The rear seat is snug but the cabin is nicely furnished and quiet.  It is a fun car to drive with its sharp handling.  One drawback with the Mazda 3 is that there is less cargo space than some of the other small sedans on the market.  It is fuel-efficient.  This model also has a great infotainment system.

How much does insurance cost for a Mazda?

According to the survey done by, on average, the monthly cost for full coverage Mazda 3 insurance is $116 a month or $1,400 annually.

Car insurance rates depend on many factors. If you are looking for a customized quote, you can click here.

Mazda safety features and ratings

Most of the models of Mazda vehicles have a 5-star safety score from IIHS and NHTSA.  In Mazda vehicles, they have used their technology to implement various safety features.   Some of these features include:

Factors that can impact Mazda 3 insurance

How to save money on your Mazda car insurance

There are many ways that can help you save money on Mazda 3 insurance. When looking for Mazda 3 insurance in Canada, take your time and compare rates as each insurance company offers different discounts.  Taking the time to search for different insurance companies will help you find the insurance that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle.  Mazda 3 insurance is typically affordable.  One of the best ways to save money on your insurance premiums is by taking a driver’s ed course.

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