Motorcycle Insurance in Canada

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Motorcycle drivers in Canada are required to carry insurance at all times. Motorcycle insurance protects one in the event an accident occurs, and can eliminate loss due to damages that may incur after an accident. It also covers medical expenses, and can provide loss of income benefits after an accident has occurred. No matter what type of motorcycle you drive, be it a Harley or a Suzuki, it is imperative to carry motorcycle coverage. It is necessary to purchase the minimum amounts of motorcycle coverage to satisfy Canadian laws. Failure to carry and maintain these minimum amounts of insurance can result in severe penalties that can include stiff fines and the loss of your license. You may have to pay huge fines in order to get the license back, and also risk the impounding of the motorcycle. Minimum requirements include coverage that will provide benefits for personal damage, property damage, and medical bills. Obtaining more than the minimum required insurance is always an option in order to provide the best possible protection for your needs. Such coverage includes uninsured motorist coverage and collision and comprehensive coverage. You can also obtain amounts greater than what is required by law for the minimum required amounts if you desire.

Popular Motorcycles in Canada

Motorcycle enthusiasts already know that there are a number of different motorcycles available. In Canada, you are most likely to see SuzukiKawasakiHonda, and Harley-Davidson cycles cruising down the highways. It is also more likely to see these being driven in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is quite possible to find affordable insurance rates for each of these types of motorcycles as well as many others. Rates can vary based on which province in Canada you live in, your age, gender, previous insurance history, and even your credit score. Comparing rates is the easiest way to make motorcycle protection more affordable for your budget.

If you have a computer and Internet connection you have everything you need to quickly compare motorcycle insurance rates. A simple form is all that is required to get quotes from Canada’s leading motorcycle insurers. You can get up to 5 quotes in no time at all. Our website does not give insurance quotes so you will have to ask a friend or do a quick Google search.

You can always opt for calling the insurance companies directly. This process will take a bit longer to complete, but is still quite simple. If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance in Ontario it might take a bit longer, just due to the number of companies in the province. Be sure to have pen and paper handy to jot down all of the prices that you are quoted and with what company. Make sure you know what comes along with each of those policies as you may be able to find a great deal but you might not be covered for much.

Owning a motorcycle is one of life’s simple pleasures. Adding motorcycle insurance to the equation ensures that you are always safe and always legal so that you can enjoy more of the beauty of Canada and the open roadways.

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