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A Basic Autopac plan will cover against damages caused by collision and/or if your vehicle tips or rolls over. It will also protect you against theft, vandalism, hail, and fire. Autopac Insurance covers you in Canada and the United States and is only sold by Manitoba Public Insurance, and their affiliated brokers. By visiting the MPI website, you can find a list of their locations across the province, as well as a broker locator.

MPI’s Optional Autopac

There are four different types of Autopac Insurance: Basic, Package 1, Package 2, and Package 3. Each of these packages has different pricing but they also have different deductibles. The Basic Autopac plan comes with a $500 deductible for passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, and motor homes. If you move up to Package 1 then your deductible will only be $300 but your insurance will be more expensive. Package 2 is even more expensive but your deductible is only $200. The final option is Package 3, which is more expensive than the previous packages but you will only be paying $100 for your deductible. One of the advantages of Packages 1-3 is that you also won’t have to pay for glass repair, and also damages caused by a collision with an animal, if you have one of these packages. Normally your deductible would be $500. For more up to date information about the optional coverage provided by Manitoba Public Insurance please visit their website.

What You Need When Insuring a Vehicle with MPI

1) Transfer of Ownership document – If the vehicle being purchased is located in the United States then it will be called a Certificate of Title.

2) Certificate of Inspection – To get this, you may have to take the vehicle to one of the province’s vehicle inspection stations. They will have to check that your vehicle meets the standards set out by the provincial government. They will check your windows, tires, brakes, lights, exhaust, seat belts, and a number of other things on your car. There are some exceptions to this rule. Visit the MPI website for more information.

3) Bill of Sale – This is required unless you are renewing the insurance on a vehicle that you already own .

4) New Vehicle Information Statement – This is only required if you have purchased a brand new car. If you do purchase a brand new car then you are not required to bring a Certificate of Inspection.

If you are not listed as the legal owner of the vehicle then you will need to provide a written letter authorizing you to insure and register the vehicle. Contact your local Autopac agent for more information.

Purchasing a Basic Autopac plan is mandatory in Manitoba. To learn more visit the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) website.

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