The Saint John, NB Car Insurance Directory

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Saint John is beautiful city. It is also a city with many options for car insurance products. The following directory should give you a few options for companies to get insurance quotes from. Speak to a few insurance agents to determine your specific insurance needs and then choose one that fits your budget.

Here are the rest of the car insurance companies based in Saint John:

CAA Atlantic (Canadian Automobile Association)

The CAA Maritimes has their Saint John Member Service Centre located at 378 Westmorland Road. It is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 5:30PM. On Thursdays they are open until 7:00PM and they also open on Saturdays between 10:00AM and 1:00PM. There are other CAA locations located throughout Atlantic Canada, including Member Service Centres in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, Fredericton, Charlottetown, and St John’s. If you’re interested in joining the CAA you can reach them at 1-800-564-6222. You can also get quotes for home and auto insurance.

Fundy Mutual Insurance Company

Fundy Mutual offers residential, tenants, commercial, farm, and auto insurance to people living in New Brunswick. They have discounts for the following: mature driver, multiple vehicle, loyalty, and seniors. They sell the mandatory third-party liability insurance and all of the other coverages you need to get motoring. They have offices in Sussex (head office), Grand-Bay Westfield, Hampton, Rothesay/Kennebecasis Valley, and Saint John. The Saint John office is located at 1 Seaton Street and you can reach them by telephone at 506-214-2308. Fundy Mutual has a scholarship program for young people looking for financial help for furthering their education.

John Walker Insurance

Another insurance option in Saint John is John Walker Insurance, located at 155 Bayside Drive. You can get commercial, home, and auto insurance quotes by visiting the John Walker website. Their ‘Contact Us’ page also has a listing of their staff and contact information for each employee. John Walker Insurance Limited has a variety of personal and commercial insurance policies.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance has 14 brokers offering their car insurance products in the Saint John area. Those agencies include All-Coverage Insurance, Alliance Assurance, Anderson Insurance, Anderson McTague Insurance, Angus-Miller Provincial Insurance, CA Crawford, Carnaghan Taylor Fowler Insurance, Fairweathers Insurance, Halsall Insurance, Huestis Insurance, J Bernard Elliot Insurance, JM & CW Hope Grant Insurance, John Walker Insurance, and Michael Bruce Insurance. Intact also offers home and business insurance products. For a quote for car insurance from Intact Insurance please contact one of those brokers.

Allstate – Westmorland Place Agency

There is one Allstate insurance agency located at 535 Westmorland Road (Unit 4B) in Saint John. The Saint John office is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM. They are open later on Wednesday and Thursday but you might want to call their offices to confirm their hours on those days. To get in touch with an insurance agent from the Saint John’s Allstate branch you can call them at 506-633-9898. They also have a website, with free quotes and information about their discounts and rewards, for insuring your car with Allstate.

State Farm Insurance

There are more than a few State Farm auto insurance agents in the Saint John area. Your options include Barbara Magee, Robert Scott, Sarah Mallory-Wright, and Steve Dever. Barb Magee is a board member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Saint John and she is located in Rothesay at 113 Hampton Road. You can contact her by calling 506-847-1947. Rob Scott is a member of the Insurance Institute of New Brunswick. His office is located at 670 Charles Street in Saint John and his office telephone number is 506-657-0007. Sarah Mallory-Wright is another State Farm agent and she is a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Her office is located at 39 Loch Lomond Road and her telephone number is 506-652-5000. Steve Dever was born and raised in Saint John and he is also a member of the Insurance Institute of New Brunswick. His office is located at 584 Rothesay Avenue in Saint John and his telephone number is 506-657-3276.

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