Auto Insurance Companies in the Northwest Territories

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Minimum Coverage in the Northwest Territories

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada website, you are required by law to carry third-party liability, medical payments, funeral expense, disability income and death benefits coverage if you live in Northwest Territories. You are required to carry at least $200,000 in third-party liability coverage but accidents are expensive and most insurance agents will recommend that you increase that amount – sometimes quite significantly. In the Northwest Territories you are allowed to sue for economic loss, and pain and suffering, caused by a motor vehicle accident.

There are a number of private insurance companies in the territory that offer car insurance products and we have put together a list of some of your options.

The Co-operators

Lorne Decker is from The Co-operators and he can be reached at 867-873-9522. He is located at 321D Old Airport Road in Yellowknife. You can also get auto insurance quotes by visiting The Co-operators’ website or by calling their national toll free telephone line at 1-866-628-6823.

TD Insurance – Meloche Monnex

TD Meloche Monnex provides mandatory and optional car insurance coverage to people living in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. To speak to a TD Insurance representative call 1-855-291-2219 for more information. Alternatively, you can visit the TD Insurance – Meloche Monnex website.

Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc

Aon Reed Stenhouse is located at 5201-50th Avenue in Yellowknife and they can be reached by calling 867-873-3414. They are a member of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce.

Arctic Insurance Brokers Limited

Arctic Insurance Brokers are also a member of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. They were recently acquired by HUB International Insurance Brokers. They still have two locations in the Northern Canada; one is located in Yellowknife at #104-487 Range Lake Road and the other office is located in Whitehorse at #101-204 Lambert Street. Their Yellowknife office phone number is 867-873-6398 and their Whitehorse phone number is 867-667-4271.

Lakeshore Insurance Brokers

Todd Schwindt is the manager of Lakeshore Insurance, located at 4901-48 Street in Yellowknife. You can reach their office by calling 867-920-2525.

Prestcott Insurance Limited

Prestcott Insurance is located at 321D Old Airport Road. You can contact Manager Greg Prescott by calling 867-873-9522.

Vehicle Registration in the Northwest Territories

When renewing your insurance in the Northwest Territories make sure you bring your proof of insurance and your current registration paperwork.

When you go to register a new car, you are required to bring with you, the following: valid insurance, proof of residency, a New Vehicle Information Statement (as provided by your car dealer), as well as a leasing agreement or bill of sale.

Every vehicle on the road in the Northwest Territories must meet the Motor Vehicle Equipment Regulations, as outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act.

Transferring a Vehicle

If you are buying or selling a vehicle you will need to transfer the registration over to the new owner. To do this you will need to bring your insurance, proof of residency, old registration paperwork, and the bill of sale.

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