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The following companies provide auto insurance in Halifax and the surrounding communities.

Basin Insurance

Basin Insurance Brokers have been serving the people of Halifax since the 1960s. Their current team includes Robert Knapp, Myrna Smeltzer, Rodger Middleton, Glenn Blowe, and Heather McLean. To find out more about Basin Insurance visit their offices at Suite 101-264 Bedford Highway in Halifax or contact them on the telephone at 902-443-6050. They also have a Compu-Quote insurance estimator on their website so get a quote while you’re there.

WCL Bauld Insurance Brokers

WCL Bauld Insurance has two offices in the Halifax area. The first office is located at 1262 Bedford Highway in Bedford, Nova Scotia. You can reach that office by calling 902-835-1262. The second WCL Bauld office is located at 24 Wentworth Street in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. To reach the Dartmouth office, call 902-463-5252 or use the toll free number (for both locations): 1-877-925-2285. The president of WCL Bauld General Insurance is Klaus Wuerr. There is listing of all of their staff members on the WCL Bauld website.

Keyes Insurance Brokerage Limited

There are a number of discounts for car insurance available from Keyes Insurance in Halifax. They have a low mileage discount for customers that drive less than 8000 kilometers per year. They have a multi-vehicle discount of up to 20% when you insure more than one vehicle with Keyes Insurance. They also have an experienced driver discount, which is a reward for people that have driven for several years without getting in an accident. To visit the offices of Keyes Insurance Brokers go to Suite 450-36 Solutions Drive in Halifax. Their telephone number is 902-453-2273.

The Co-operators

There are three Co-operators agents in the Halifax area:

Arun Mehra
103-276 Bedford Highway
Telephone: 902-982-2170

Robert Cooley
Unit 5 – 3111 Kempt Road
Young St Centre
Telephone: 902-453-7900

Gail Adams
Unit 6 – 3111 Kempt Road
Young St Centre
Telephone: 902-453-7900

If you want to find out more about The Co-operators “Claims Guarantee” then you should visit their website or contact one of the brokers above. The Co-operators “Claims Guarantee” is a list of promises, that each agents makes, to their customers when dealing with a potential insurance claim. This is particularly relevant to people that are thinking about buying car insurance from The Co-operators.


There are two Allstate Insurance offices in the Halifax area. One is located in Halifax at 117 Kearney Lake Road. The other is located in Dartmouth at 59 Gale Terrace – Dartmouth Crossing. You can get auto insurance quotes by visiting the Allstate Canada website or by contacting either of these agencies. Their telephone numbers are as follows: 902-482-3906 (Halifax Branch) and 902-482-3913 (Dartmouth Branch).

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