Car Insurance in Nunavut and the Rest of Northern Canada

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The following companies provide insurance in the territory of Nunavut. For more information visit their websites or contact their local offices.

Nunavut Insurance

Nunavut Insurance is a major provider of insurance in Northern Canada. They have offices in Yellowknife (5105-48th Street), Rankin Inlet (Rockland Building; 41-4 Sivulliq Street), Iqaluit (Building 1104B, Inuksugait Plaza Phase #2), and Winnipeg (5th Floor-1661 Portage Avenue). All four locations are open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM.

Nunavut Insurance offers low premium auto insurance to these unique northern communities. They have special coverage for people using their vehicles for business use. For people with vehicles in the south, Nunavut Insurance has special coverage for these vehicles. If you park your car over the winter then you can purchase physical damage protection from Nunavut Insurance. If you spend a lot of time on vacation or in the south then Nunavut Insurance has affordable polices for insuring rental cars. Buying the insurance that comes with rented vehicles can be quite expensive so this is a great alternative. Nunavut Insurance works almost exclusively with northern clients so they understand your specific needs.

You can get an insurance quote by visiting the Nunavut Insurance website or by contacting one of their offices.

Rankin Inlet Branch
41-4 Sivulliq St

Iqaluit Branch
Building 1104B
Inuksugait Plaza Phase # 2

Yellowknife Branch
5105-48th Street

Winnipeg Branch
1661 Portage Avenue

Nunavut Insurance has more than just car insurance. If you need home insurance, ATV insurance, snowmobile insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, or business insurance then they can help you find quotes and policies.

TD Insurance (Meloche Monnex)

Meloche Monnex provides compulsory third-party liability, uninsured motorist, and accident benefits coverage to people living in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. You can get quotes from Meloche Monnex by calling their national quote service at 1-855-291-2219. Alternatively, you can get quotes by visiting the TD Insurance website.

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