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Barrie auto insurance

Sitting at a population of approximately 136,000, Barrie is a growing city that shows no signs of slowing. Sitting just an hour outside of Toronto, many drivers commute in and out of the city everyday, making driving in Barrie a rising challenge. As Barrie continues to grow, the roads are becoming increasingly congested, especially when navigating Highway 400, which runs through the middle of the city and is also the main route to Toronto and surrounding areas. Like anywhere in Canada, if you are a driver in Barrie, car insurance is mandatory, and for good reason. At Complete Car, we can help you find the best car insurance in Barrie at the best price.

How much does car insurance in Barrie cost?

It is nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact cost of car insurance in Barrie. With so many factors that play a role in determining car insurance premiums such as your driving history, age, coverage needs, and more, the costs can vary quite a bit. However, for drivers with a clean driving record, the average cost for car insurance in Barrie is approximately \$1,400 per year . This is below the average price of car insurance in Ontario, which is $1,505 per year.

Mandatory car insurance coverages in Barrie

In Ontario, there is a certain amount of coverage required in order to drive a vehicle. The minimum requirements include third party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation, and uninsured automobile coverage. Without this, you cannot drive as driving without car insurance is illegal. The provincial government puts these requirements in place not only to protect you, but also your passengers and other drivers. If you live in Barrie, the following coverage is mandatory:

Optional coverage

While the above coverage is mandatory in Ontario by law, many drivers in Barrie choose to purchase additional coverage, leaving nothing to chance. There are several additional coverage options in Barrie that give drivers added protection and peace of mind, including collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, accident forgiveness, and waiver of depreciation.

What factors impact your car insurance rates in Barrie?

Like any other city, there are several contributing factors when it comes to the cost of car insurance in Barrie:

How can I get cheap auto insurance in Barrie?

You don’t have to dread buying a car insurance policy! There are many ways to save money on car insurance in Barrie and get cheap insurance! Here are just a few ways that you can save thousands of dollars:

If you’re looking to get the best insurance at the best price, get a quote with Complete Car today! Our wide network of top auto insurance providers ensures that we can get you an insurance policy suited to your unique needs in minutes!

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