Barrie Car Insurance Information

“The People are the City, Barrie Means Business” is the official city motto of Barrie, Ontario. Centrally located within the provincial boundaries of Ontario, Barrie is pleasantly positioned on the banks of Kempenfelt Bay. Barrie also affords an active route into one of northern Ontario’s extensive cottage and resort regions; its northern end features a crossroads at the intersection of Highways 11 and 400.

Its estimated population of 175,000 residents supports an active downtown area that dips into a valley extending from Kempenfelt Bay.

Barrie’s climate is characterized by frigid temperatures and nearly 240 centimetres of annual snowfall. This precipitation puts no damper on its political or industrial pulses, however. Many manufacturers call Barrie home and the city also boasts a Canadian Forces base.

A huge advantage for residents of this quaint location is lower auto insurance premiums. Fewer vehicles on the road means fewer accidents. Fewer accidents means fewer claims.

Here to Help

Our site is here to help consumers receive the lowest possible rates for car insurance coverage. A recent survey revealed that nearly forty percent of respondents who had used an online insurance search site saw their rates significantly reduced. Averages, of course, represent a wide range of individual results. Your savings could be even greater!

The following are some fascinating Barrie auto insurance statistics:

Only 3.74 percent of Barrie’s drivers had one or more license suspensions within the six-year period immediately preceding the study.

Only .31 percent of Barrie residents had experienced the theft of their automobiles during the same six-year time frame.

Only 12.28 percent of Barrie motorists had been involved in an auto-related accident at any time during the prior six years.

Tips to Help Your Premiums Improve

When selecting an auto insurance policy, three main factors further affect the cost of your coverage:

1) Deductible:

Select a slightly higher deductible than you would normally choose; invest the difference in premium price into a high-yield investment.

2) Coverage:

Foregoing theft and collision coverage on older vehicles is a prudent strategy to save money on your premiums. The actual replacement cost of your vehicle is likely to be lower than the increased premiums for theft and collision coverage.

3) Discounts:

Professional affiliations, auto club membership such as CAA Insurance, safe driver discounts, and other such savings may apply. Be sure to inquire which ones you qualify for.

Finding a Happy Medium

Ultimately, you must find the right balance between your coverage needs and available insurance premium budget. By striking the proper balance between premiums and protection, you are well on your way to a great insurance policy.