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There are not many insurance agencies in the Town of Caledon but there are a number of providers in neighbouring cities.

Here are a few auto insurance agencies in and around Caledon, Ontario:

Dale & Morrow Insurance Limited

Dale & Morrow Insurance is part of Moore-McLean Corporate Insurance, one of the larger independent insurance brokerages in Ontario. They have two offices in Toronto and one in Brampton. The Toronto Branches are located at 48 Yonge Street and 5407 Eglinton Avenue West. The closest office to Caledon is in Brampton at 6 George Street South. The telephone numbers for the Brampton office are 905-451-1933 or toll free at 1-877-229-7272. They also provide instant quoting on their website. The Dale & Morrow Insurance website also has a number of useful tips for drivers such as guides on how to prevent car theft, how to maintain your vehicle, how to brake safely, how to secure a child, how to prepare your vehicle for winter, and how to make a claim after you’ve been in accident. These guides can be found on their website’s Useful Tips & Information page. Moore-McLean Corporate Insurance also puts out a monthly newsletter with information about their company and the auto insurance industry in Ontario.

Batty & Associated Insurance

In Bolton, Ontario there is a number of auto insurance options to choose from. One of those companies is Batty & Associated Insurance, which is a division of Johnson Inc. Their Bolton branch is open from Monday until Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM. It is located at Unit 2-301 Queen Street South and their telephone number is 1-800-756-8814. If you need to make a claim then use that number to speak to a senior staff member or if you are calling after regular business hours, you may follow the automated directions. Batty Insurance provides all of the mandatory car insurance coverage in the province of Ontario, as well as optional coverage such as claims protection endorsement. This additional coverage costs around $50 extra per year but it means your insurance rates will be protected, even if you are in an at-fault accident. There are some exceptions, such as if charges have been laid against you. If you have one claim then this endorsement may be removed.

John Glenn – State Farm

John Glenn is a graduate of York University. He is a Chartered Insurance Professional and has been a State Farm Insurance agent since 2006. He is a member of Caledon Chamber of Commerce. His team is comprised of Heather Glenn, Patrizia Eltalawy, and himself. His main office is located at 18 King Street East in Bolton, Ontario. To speak to John Glenn you can visit his office or call him on the phone at 905-951-9510.

Linda Stewart – State Farm

The other State Farm agent in Bolton, Ontario is Linda Stewart. She is also a member of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, as well as a member of the Toronto Women’s Insurance Association. You can visit her insurance agency at Unit 18-12612 Highway 50 (McDonalds Plaza). To contact Linda, you can visit her office between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM between Monday and Friday, or you can contact her on the telephone at 905-857-8018.

Keith Ellis – The Co-operators

The only Co-operators Insurance agent in the Caledon area is Keith Ellis. Keith is located at #1-334 Queen Street South in downtown Bolton. To reach Keith Ellis you can phone him at 905-857-2667. You can also call The Co-operators national toll free number at 1-866-367-1081.

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