Kingston is King for Reasonable Auto Insurance Rates

Located at Lake Ontario’s eastern end, Kingston marks the starting point of the Thousand Islands within the St. Lawrence River. This remarkable reservoir of historical, cultural, and architectural attractions lives up to its motto of “where history and innovation thrive.” Its nickname of the “Limestone City” is also well-founded.

Initially organized by French settlers during the mid-1700s, Kingston’s original name was Fort Cataraqui. Later known as Fort Fronenac, the original site was captured and destroyed in war and became Upper Canada’s premier community to the southeast.

After the War of 1812, British forces established Fort Henry as a fortification against invasions of the Rideau Canal. Fort Henry remains a popular attraction for large numbers of tourists who visit the area each year. Sir John A. MacDonald was Canada’s first Prime Minister and a Kingston native.

A large segment of Kingston’s current employment is derived from the public sector. Kingston’s tally of nine correctional facilities provides Canada’s largest concentration of such institutions.

Affordable Insurance in the Region

Kingston’s relatively small population in relation to Toronto or Calgary yields a large benefit for its residents who desire reasonable auto insurance rates. The relatively few drivers and automobiles on Kingston’s roads yield fewer accidents; this ultimately results in reduced premiums for automobile coverage. Our site can help you maximize your chances for minimal insurance costs.

Many policy-specific characteristics will play a key role in your premiums, including;

The Deductible

Higher deductibles yield lower premiums. Increasing a slightly higher deductible amount than normal can result in significant long-term savings.

Coverage Limits and Types

Carefully consider the types and coverage levels of loss protection you desire. Foregoing full coverage is often a good strategy for older vehicles that are fully paid for. The depreciating nature of auto values often renders full coverage a cost-prohibitive option over the long term.


Often available for the asking, various discounts can serve to decrease your auto insurance costs. If you are a member of an auto club such as the Canadian Automobile Association, or some other social or professional association, inquire about group rates. If your driving history has been clear of tickets, accidents, suspensions, and major violations for the past three or more years, inquire about a safe driver discount.

Look Before You Leap

This sage wisdom holds true when seeking automobile insurance. Don’t forget to compare quotes from at least five carriers. Carefully peruse each proposed offering for hidden charges or other such stipulations. Quality should also factor into your selection as well. Superior customer service and claims processing is of paramount importance for your new insurance policy.