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The following companies sell insurance for automobiles in the city of Leamington.

Southland Insurance

There are five Southland Insurance locations in Ontario. They are located in the following cities: Harrow, Leamington, LaSalle, Tecumseh, and Windsor. The company sells the following types of insurance: auto, homeowner, motorcycle, commercial/business, and travel insurance.

You can get free quotes for these insurance policies by visiting the Southland Insurance website or by contacting one of their insurance brokers by telephone. The Leamington Branch is located at 98 Talbot Street West and their phone number is 519-326-4455 or toll free 1-800-263-0990. The telephone numbers for the other branches are as follows:

Harrow Branch: 519-738-2228
LaSalle Branch: 519-969-9415
Tecumseh Branch: 519-735-8000
Windsor Branch: 519-735-8000

Southland Insurance sponsors local hockey teams and they are also a proud sponsor of the AM800 “Team of the Week.” To learn more visit their website.

Jerry Ives Insurance Brokers

The Ives Insurance Broker offices are located at 245 Talbot Street West in Leamington, Ontario. Their telephone number is 519-326-9911. Jerry Ives Insurance was founded in the 1960s in the town of Essex, Ontario. The company started small but today they insure more than 10,000 customers throughout Southern Ontario. They even have customers in Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont.

Jerry Ives Insurance has offices in the following cities:

Amherstburg Branch
38 Victoria Street South
Amherstburg, Ontario

Bayfield Branch
2 George Street
Bayfield, Ontario

Essex Branch
347 Maidstone Avenue East
Essex, Ontario

LaSalle Branch
5994 Malden Road
LaSalle, Ontario

Leamington Branch
245 Talbot Street West
Leamington, Ontario

Causeway General Insurance

The Causeway Insurance office in Leamington is located at 282 Erie Street South. The telephone number for this branch is 905-795-1195. The company also has offices in Fort Frances (head office), Mississauga, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Cambridge, Woodbridge, and Rainy River. Causeway Insurance is a member of the Insurance Institute of Canada, the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario. They were founded by Tony Beyak in 1996; the first office was located in Fort Frances, Ontario. In 2004, the company was purchased by Mario Galluzzo. The company offers homeowner, trucking and auto insurance quotes on their website.

CAA South Central Ontario

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) South Central Ontario office in Leamington is located at 140 Erie Street North. You can purchase car insurance by visiting their office during regular business hours. Another way to get in touch with the CAA in Leamington is to call their office at 519-322-2356. You can purchase CAA Insurance for cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. They also offer a variety of roadside assistance and rewards programs for people living in South Central Ontario.

To learn more about the CAA please visit the following links:

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