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The city of London is located in the southwestern part of the province of Ontario. Within the city of London, it’s easy to see the influence of the British in Canada. Originally, the area that London is located in was supposed to be named Georgina after King George III, but that never came to pass. Instead, the city was named after London, England. There’s even a river called Thames that runs through London, Ontario – just like its namesake.

Getting Your Ride Insured in London

There are several different kinds of car insurance products in London, Ontario available for purchase. These auto insurance products can be purchased for private passenger cars, classic cars, antique cars, motor homes, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. Private passenger cars are personal use vehicles that are the majority of cars you see on the street. Classic cars are collectible cars anywhere from 15-30 years old that are not used for commuting, while antique cars have to be more than 25 years old and only used in car shows. To qualify as an antique car, the car will need a historical license plate. Motor homes must only be used for trips and such, not as permanent, long term residences. Recreational vehicles include cars like off road vehicles, snowmobiles or ATVs. Motorcycles are single track engine powered vehicles with two wheels and may include mopeds, motor scooters and other vehicles that may have more than two wheels.

Picking a Policy

When purchasing a car insurance product in Ontario, you need to think about what kind of package you’d like to buy. Although the Ontarian government mandates a basic, standard package, you can upgrade to one that provides more coverage. After taking a look at the different types of accidents you can have and what is or is not covered by the basic package, you may decide to upgrade.

Ontario Stats

46% of all motor vehicle related accidents in Ontario are fender benders with no injuries. The car may have structural damage, but the people inside the car are just fine. Basic insurance packages should be able to cover any related costs. 28% of Ontario car accidents cause damage to both the car and the passengers, who may walk away from the accident with sprains, cuts, bruises and strains. Sometimes people can recover without treatment, but sometimes not. If you require treatment, your health insurance may not cover all the costs, especially for things like rehabilitation. The mandatory car insurance will help cover some of these medical costs, especially if you miss a few weeks of work due to your injuries.

Serious Injuries from Car Accidents

Accidents involving serious injury occur in 22% of the accidents in Ontario. These accidents include bad strains, sprains and broken bones. These injuries require longer periods of recovery and will disturb your life to some degree. 4% of Ontarian accidents involve very serious injuries that cause long term or permanent disability. This type of accident will cause the largest drain on your finances. Basic car insurance will cover some of the costs associated with serious injuries, but it’s entirely possible in some cases that it won’t cover all of them.

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