How to Insure a Car or Motorcycle in North Bay, Ontario

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The city of North Bay is located in Ontario. The name of the city is derived from its position on the shore of Lake Nipissing. North Bay’s economy is powered by its college and university populations, tourism, a regional health centre and a government service centre. Thanks to a large and active community of artists, musicians, writers and actors, North Bay has gained prominence in Ontario as a major arts and cultural centre. Some of the neighborhoods in North Bay include Birchaven, Camp Champlain, Feronia, Graniteville, Ski Club, Sage, West Ferris and Tweedsmuir.

Insurance Discounts for Drivers in North Bay

Residents of North Bay can travel to other cities either by car via Highway 11 or Highway 17 or by train or intercity bus service. Within the city, public transit is provided by North Bay Transit. People who choose to forgo public transit and drive their own vehicles are required by Ontario law to have auto insurance. Although auto insurance may be pricey, there are ways to get the price down. As a savvy shopper, it’s up to you to check and see how many possible discounts you might qualify for.

Multi-Policy & Multi-Vehicle Discounts

One common discount auto insurance companies give is a multi-policy discount. A multi-policy discount of anywhere from 3 to 15 percent results from you purchasing multiple policies, such as both your car insurance and your home insurance, from the same company. Insuring multiple vehicles with the same company may also result in a discount ranging anywhere from 5 to 10 percent.

Other Discounts Available When Buying Car Insurance in North Bay

If you have been with the same insurance company for several years without any at-fault accidents on your record, you may be eligible for a renewal discount anywhere from 5 to 20 percent. Drivers who undergo a driver training program may be able to score a discount, but this only applies to drivers who enter the program voluntarily and not because they were forced to as a result of being caught speeding. Drivers who are retired may be eligible for 5 to 15 percent off of their accident benefits coverage. Last but not least, drivers who are students may be able to qualify for a discount if they have good grades or do not live at home full time.

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