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Car Insurance in Ottawa

Ottawa, also known as the Nation’s Capital, holds over one million individuals and over half a million drivers. This means that there is no shortage of vehicles on the roads. Located in Eastern Ontario, Ottawa is the home of the federal government and Parliament Hill. It is no secret that the roads in Ottawa are most often filled with steady traffic due from the combination of commuters and tourists.

Ottawa is guilty of heavy road congestion on the majority of major roads and highways. Regardless of who’s driving, it’s expected to see steady traffic on both the 400 series highways including the 401, 416, and 417, and the major parkways including Colonel By Drive, Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway, Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Rockcliffe Parkway, and Aviation Parkway.

What car insurance is mandatory in Ottawa?

Like all cities in Canada, it is mandatory for Ottawa drivers to have auto insurance. Being in Ontario, the mandatory auto insurance for Ottawans include:

  • A minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability, which will cover you in the event that you’re sued for damages or injuries you caused.

Accident benefits will protect you financially from costs that exceed provincial health care should you be injured in a crash.

Financial protection in the event that another driver causes a collision and damages your car.

Uninsured Automobile coverage with protect you the the financial burden of  personal injury or property damage caused by an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run.

No-fault insurance is a term you will become familiar with if you’re looking for car insurance. Ontario is a no-fault province, meaning if you are injured or your car is damaged in an accident, your own insurance company must handle your claim, no matter which party is the cause of the accident. You will not need to contact the driver who is at fault for compensation in Ontario because of the no-fault laws that are in place. If there are passengers in your car who are injured, each person that has insurance through an agency will need to contact their own insurance company for coverage. If the passengers don’t have a car insurance policy, your insurance company may handle the claim for them. The other car involved must also contact their respective insurance company to file a claim.

How can you get cheap car insurance in Ottawa?

While Ottawa is typically on the cheaper side for car insurance when compared to other cities in Ontario, there are plenty of ways to save even more on your premium. At Complete Car, we sift through several car insurance companies in order to get you the cheapest car insurance rates in Ottawa while still satisfying your coverage requirements. 

There are several ways in which you can lower your premium. On average, Ottawa car insurance is considered affordable, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to lower your premium even further! This is where we come in.

It’s always recommended that you shop around and compare quotes from different providers  in order to find the cheapest rate that also caters to your coverage needs. With auto insurance being such a complex product, there are no two policies that are the exact same and there isn’t one single insurer that offers the lowest rates. The rate you receive will always vary based on the insurance provider and your individual driving profile.

There are certain times that we recommend shopping for a new quote in order to benefit from reduced premiums:

  1. Shop when you’re up for renewal: Before renewing your policy and locking yourself in for another term, always browse and compare quotes to see if you can come across a better deal. 
  2. Shop when you change cars: The type of car you drive will impact your car insurance rates. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, consider checking quotes for different makes and models beforehand and see how it might impact your rate. 
  3. Shop if your address changes: Your insurance rates are directly impacted by the province, city, and even neighborhood in which you live. You may be able to save on car insurance by updating your address when you move.
  4. Shop when you enter a new age threshold: Auto insurance rates are partially determined by your age. Whether you’re a new driver, a driver with 10-20 years of experience or a senior driver, your rates will vary. Always be sure to shop around as you age in order to benefit from personalized savings.

How do you get car insurance in Ottawa?

At Complete Car, we take the following steps when helping our customers find the perfect car insurance policy. 

  1. We ask that you have your drivers license ready before we begin 
  2. You will need to provide us with some general information including your address and other basic information
  3. We will require your vehicle information including the type of car you drive and your driving record
  4. Once we have all required information we will help you compare quotes in a timely manner and finally you can choose the auto insurance policy with the best value!

And don’t forget the best part – it’s completely free!

Compare Car Insurance Policies

We help all drivers in Ottawa find affordable car insurance!

Regardless of your situation, we will sort through a wide range of car insurance quotes in order to find you the best rate possible. We understand that accidents happen, and you shouldn’t be punished with massive insurance premiums as a result. We also know that younger drivers and seniors are faced with higher than average premiums. Whether you have a clean record, have been involved in an accident or two, are a new driver, a senior, or otherwise, our team at Complete Car wants to provide you with great coverage at an affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compared to other major cities in Ontario, the cost of the average car insurance premium in Ottawa is relatively low. As long as you maintain a clean record you can expect your premium to be lower than the provincial average of $1505. It is common for Ottawa car insurance to sit between $900 and $1100, however, this will still depend on your personal driving profile. 


In order to find the best value, it is best to shop around and compare costs. At Complete Car, we can help you do just that. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique coverage needs and budget and provide them with the perfect solution.

Bundle policies: Most, if not all, car insurance providers will reward you for bundling your home and auto insurance policies. Additionally, if you have multiple drivers in your household, it is recommended to include them all on the same policy in order to save.


Increase your deductible: Your deductible is the amount that you will have to pay out of pocket when you need to make a claim. Insurance companies will usually give you a lower premium as you increase your deductible. 


Opt for less coverage: Some may choose to opt for minimal coverage in order to save money. It is important to be careful when selecting this option as the minimum coverage requirements only provide a thin layer of protection. In the event that you’re in an accident, you may end up with a massive financial burden that you need to pay for out of pocket. 


Ask about discounts: Most insurance companies offer discounts for various reasons. For example, many insurance providers will offer discounts to those who install winter tires or an anti-theft device, belong to a corporation, the military, or a college or university. Make sure to ask what’s available if the discounts aren’t clearly stated.

Ottawa is the cheapest city in Ontario for auto insurance. While Ontario is still one of the most expensive provinces in terms of car insurance, drivers should always take advantage of shopping around for rates in order to get the best car insurance premium.

In Ontario the cheapest insurance coverage can be found in:


  • Ottawa
  • Kingston
  • Pembroke
  • Cornwall
  • Brockville


In contrast, the most expensive cities to get car insurance in Ontario include Brampton, Toronto, North York, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

While your location does play a role in determining your premium, keep in mind that there are several other contributing factors such as your level of experience, personal driving habits, previous insurance history, and more.

Facts about Ottawa Car Insurance

A study conducted in 2019 nominated Ottawa as one of the best cities in the world to drive. This was based on infrastructure, congestion, associated driving costs, and driver behaviour. With safe communities, great highways, and reliable traffic, Ottawa is one of the safest cities in Canada when it comes to driving. Above this, there have been several efforts from both the government and other agencies to lessen the death and injury rate in Ottawa due to car accidents and collisions. With that being said, just like any other city, having a good car insurance policy in Ottawa is essential.

Neighbourhoods in Ottawa

The area in which you live in the city will impact your rates. For example, some areas are more prone to theft or have intersections with a higher than average instance of accidents. 

Regardless of your neighbourhood, we can find the best auto insurance quote for you.

  • Gloucester
  • Nepean
  • Vanier
  • Rockcliffe Park
  • Blackburn Hamlet
  • Orleans
  • Barrhaven
  • Kanata
  • Stittsville
  • Manotick
  • Riverside South
  • Greely
  • Burritts Rapids
  • Ashton
  • Fallowfield
  • Kars
  • Fitzroy Harbour
  • Munster
  • Carp
  • North Gower
  • Metcalfe
  • Constance Bay
  • Osgoode
  • Richmond

Drive safe in Ottawa and lower your insurance rates!

Watch out for wildlife: When it comes to driving in Ottawa, there is no shortage of wildlife. Whether it’s deer, racoons, porcupines, or otherwise, always be sure to be cautious of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the road. It’s estimated that over 1000 of all annual collisions are a result of wildlife.

Install winter tires: When the winter hits in Ottawa, the roads become slippery and driving can become dangerous. By installing winter tires, not only are you minimizing your risk of being in a collision, you are also qualifying for an easy discount. 

Be aware of tourists: Being the Nation’s Capital, Ottawa attracts several tourists each year. Whether they’re pedestrians or sharing the road with you, tourists will be unfamiliar with most areas. It is recommended that you drive with caution when passing through any hot tourist spots. 

Don’t speed: This should go without saying. Always drive slowly and carefully. Speeding is one of the main causes of car accidents. Even if you don’t cause an accident, getting a speeding ticket will negatively impact your driving record and increase your premium.

Be cautious in intersections: Always pay full attention when crossing intersections. Intersections are home to pedestrians, bikers, and cars alike, and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Watch out for potholes: Ottawa roads are known to have an abundance of potholes, regardless of the area you’re driving in. While they may look small, they can cause a large amount of damage to your vehicle if you aren’t careful.

Regardless of who you are, every insurance company will offer you different premiums based on several factors. Whether you’re a new driver looking for cheap car insurance or have been with the same insurance company for years, remember that it’s never too late to shop around for a new policy. At Complete Car, we are excited to help you compare car insurance quotes to find the insurance policy best suited for your needs.

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