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Sudbury Ontario

Sudbury auto insurance

Sudbury, Ontario, also known as the home of the Big Nickel, is a quaint city with a population of approximately 160,247. This northern gem offers both residents and visitors the perfect mix of urban landscapes and beautiful nature. And fun fact, Sudbury is also historically known as a world leader in nickel mining. With Sudbury’s northern climate and less than ideal road conditions, like any other city, car insurance is a must!

Car insurance in Sudbury operates under the Ontario insurance market. While Ontario is known to be the most expensive province when it comes to car insurance, luckily, Sudbury is on the cheaper side when compared to other Ontario cities. Sudbury is just far enough outside of the Golden Horseshoe (comprising the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions), which is an area that is notorious for elevated car insurance premiums. As a result, Sudbury drivers can avoid the high premiums that most Ontarians face.

While car insurance in Ontario is expensive in general, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still get cheap insurance! There are several ways to get cheap insurance in Sudbury. The easiest way to ensure affordable car insurance is to shop around and compare quotes online. 

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Driving in Sudbury

Winter Driving: Driving in Northern Ontario isn’t always easy, especially in the winter! With intense seasonal weather conditions, visibility on Sudbury roads can be questionable and the roads can get extremely slippery. The best way to prepare for these conditions is by installing winter tires. Not only will this improve your safety, many insurance companies will also reward drivers with discounted premiums for installing winter tires. It’s a win-win!

Be Cautious of Fog: There’s an abundance of lakes in and around Sudbury, 330 to be exact! And when the cool water meets the humid air, this creates a ton of fog, increasing the potential for impaired visibility. So when driving in Sudbury, make sure to drive slowly, keep your fog lights on, and be extra careful on Highway 17!

Road Conditions: Sudbury is notorious for having bad road conditions. Because of this, it’s important to be extra careful when passing through. While the municipality has been continuously working on infrastructure projects to improve this, make sure to be aware of this in the meantime!

Mandatory car insurance coverages in Sudbury

It is required by law for every driver in Canada to have car insurance, and Sudbury drivers are no exception! The mandatory requirements vary by province, and Sudbury falls under Ontario’s legislation. As a result, all Sudbury drivers must have third party liability coverage, accident benefits, direct compensation property damage, and uninsured automobile coverage.

All drivers in Sudbury need to have a minimum of $200,000 in third party liability coverage, which is designed to protect drivers from the financial burden of being involved in an at-fault accident. Third party liability will help at-fault drivers avoid the cost of repairing or replacing another driver’s vehicle or injuring another driver, passenger or pedestrian.

Accident benefits are another key component of an Ontario car insurance policy. The costs that arise from a car accident are typically far beyond what anyone would be comfortable paying and without car insurance, have the potential to make your life savings disappear. Luckily, with accident benefits, costs such as medical treatment, funeral expenses, death benefits, salary replacement, and more will be covered, regardless of who is at fault.

Direct compensation property damage (DCPD) is in place to cover any damage to your vehicle when you are found not at fault in an accident.

As you may be able to guess, uninsured automobile coverage will save you from the financial burden of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver. The same rules apply in the event that you’re involved in a hit and run.

While the above coverage is required by law for all Sudbury drivers, many choose to opt for additional coverage for further protection and peace of mind. There are several options to choose from when it comes to optional coverage in Ontario, such as collision and comprehensive insurance, specified perils, all perils, and more. Some drivers also choose to increase the amount of third party liability coverage to anything from 500,000, one million, or even two million. While this additional coverage will of course add a small amount to your premium, it will be worth it should you ever need to file a claim.

What factors impact your car insurance rates in Sudbury?

Like any other city, there are several contributing factors when it comes to the cost of car insurance in Barrie:

Your age will directly impact your insurance rate. For example, young drivers are known to have some of the highest insurance rates, primarily because of their lack of experience. Insurance companies see younger drivers to be of higher risk and charge higher premiums as a result. Regardless if you have a clean record or not, if you’re a young driver, you’ll have higher rates than a driver with years of experience. As long as you keep a clean record, your premium should go down after 6-10 years.

Insurance companies also look at your driving record prior to determining your rates. Drivers with a clean record will be rewarded with cheaper rates compared to a driver who has received several traffic tickets or has been involved in an at-fault accident. It all comes down to your risk-level.

Sudbury insurance providers will look at the type of car you drive when determining your premium. They will consider your vehicle’s theft rate, safety ratings, as well as how expensive it will be to repair or replace your vehicle.

In Sudbury, your premium will vary based on your mileage. Sudbury drivers may experience lower premiums due to the city’s lower than average commuting times. Generally speaking, the more you drive your car, the higher your premium will be.

Most car insurance providers will offer discounts to drivers. If you aren’t sure which discounts you are eligible for, always be sure to ask! Whether you’re a student, in the military, belong to a corporation, install winter tires or an anti-theft device or otherwise, there are several opportunities to save on car insurance!

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