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Thunder Bay is the largest municipality in Northwestern Ontario. It is made up of two former cities: Fort William and Port Arthur and is 328 square kilometres, which means a lot of residents in Thunder Bay use automobiles as their main transportation method. Highway 11/17 is the main highway through Thunder Bay. The city is also served by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway. Thunder Bay Transit runs 17 bus routes through the city.

We’ve compiled a list of the insurance brokers and agents based in Thunder Bay so that you have some options when you go to renew your auto insurance coverage.

Glendon Insurance Services Ltd.

Glendon Insurance Services is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM. Their offices are located at 947 Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay. They offer personal property, personal automobile, recreational vehicle, mobile home, and commercial insurance quotes to people in Thunder Bay, and the surrounding communities in Northwestern Ontario. You can reach Glendon Insurance Services Limited by calling 807-344-1314.

Jones & Associates Insurance

Jones Insurance is a brokerage that serves the municipality of Thunder Bay. Their vehicle insurance policies include ATV insurance, automobile insurance, vacation trailer insurance, motorcycle insurance, snowmobile insurance, and motor home insurance. They also offer a variety of other personal and commercial insurance products. If you are a member of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce then you can receive savings of up to 50% when purchasing your insurance from Jones & Associates. Their office in Thunder Bay is located at 521 Memorial Avenue and you can reach them by telephone at 807-343-9444. To learn more visit the Jones & Associates Insurance website.

Dewhurst Insurance

Dewhurst Insurance is affiliated with the following insurance companies: Intact, The Dominion, Wawanesa, and Aviva. They have an office in Thunder Bay and one in Nipigon, Ontario. The Thunder Bay branch is located at 384 Fort William Road. Their insurance brokers include Catherine Weaver, Alysia Merryfield, David Rooney, Tom Nielsen, Bonnie Gray, and John Shaw. You can reach any of these registered insurance brokers by calling the Dewhurst Insurance telephone number at 807-345-1411. Dewhurst has a variety of insurance, including private passenger, classic car, antique car, motor home, and RV insurance. You can also insure smaller recreational vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. You can get free auto insurance quotes by visiting the Dewhurst Insurance website.

Thunder Bay Insurance Services Ltd.

Thunder Bay Insurance Services has two offices in Thunder Bay, each serving a different section of the city. The Thunder Bay North office is located at 14 Cumberland Street North and can be reached at 807-345-3611. The Thunder Bay South office is located at 121 May Street South. Their telephone number is 807-623-2222. Both offices are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM.

Other Brokers and Insurance Agents in Thunder Bay

There are a few other options for car insurance in Thunder Bay: Buckley Auto Insurance, CAA North & East Ontario (CAANEO) Thunder Bay, Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance, and The Cooperators.

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