Information About Car & Motorcycle Insurance in Vaughan

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Vaughan is an up and coming city in the York Region of Ontario. With a population growth rate of over 80% between the years of 1996-2006, Vaughan has earned the distinction of being the fastest growing municipality in all of Canada. The five communities that make up Vaughan are Woodbridge, Maple, Thornhill, Concord and Kleinburg. Nearby cities include CaledonBramptonRichmond HillMarkham and Toronto.

Drivers in Vaughan Need Sufficient Car Insurance

Although the CityofVaughan is very interested in promoting public transportation, many people choose to drive their own cars instead. Residents of Ontario that own, lease or drive cars are required by law to have auto insurance. Auto insurance in Ontario can be purchased from any of 140 or more private insurance companies that are licensed to operate in the province.

If you purchase car insurance, typically you are eligible to receive the benefits outlined in your policy in the event that you sustain an injury during a car accident. However, if at the time of the accident you were breaking the law, you may find your ability to collect benefits from your policy severely limited. For example, if you get into an accident and it comes out that you were driving without a license, you may not be eligible to receive certain benefits. If you get into an accident while another person’s car, and you knew that you did not have the owner’s consent to drive the car, you may also be ineligible to collect benefits. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, using the car to perform criminal activities or lying on your auto insurance application are all actions that will limit your ability to collect benefits.

Public Transit Options for Those Living in Vaughan

Residents of Vaughan have the option of using public transportation to get around. The two public bus providers that service Vaughan are Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and York Region Transit (YRT). Toronto Transit Commission, as the name suggests, mainly provides public transit in Toronto. However, due to the fact that Vaughan is so close to Toronto, TTC operates several bus routes in Vaughan as well. The majority of the public buses in Vaughan are run by YRT. One special program launched by YRT is Viva, a bus rapid transit system. If a Viva bus is running late, the driver has the ability to manipulate the traffic lights in order to make sure the bus gets back on schedule.

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