Royal and SunAlliance Insurance Group

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The Royal & SunAlliance Insurance (RSA) Canada Group is one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurance companies. The following companies are part of the RSA Canada Group: Coast Underwriters, Western Assurance Company, Quebec Assurance Company, Canadian Northern Shield Insurance Company, Ascentus Insurance, The Johnson Corporation, Noraxis Capital Corporation and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance. RSA’s network spans all of Canada and they provide a number of insurance options including auto, home, business, travel and marine insurance. In fact, the RSA Canada Group is the largest marine insurer in all of Canada.

RSA Insurance Group PLC is global insurance company with headquarters in London. They currently serve over 20 million customers in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Their operations in North America include the countries of Canada and Mexico. The very first Sun Alliance office opened in 1892. 13 years later, the Royal Insurance company absorbed the Hudson Bay Insurance Company.

In July 2001 Royal & SunAlliance sold their group risk business to the Canada Life Financial Corporation for an estimated £60 million. In August 2002 the company sold their life insurance arm to Maritime Life to focus solely on property and casualty insurance products.

RSA Canada Group’s Canadian History

The company is one of the oldest insurers in Canada with roots dating back to 1833. Fire was the early catalyst for the insurance industry that grew in Canada during the 1800s. A small fire could destroy a city block as most of the homes were made of wood. Large fires in Toronto and Montreal caused some insurance companies to declare bankruptcy.

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