Scottish & York Insurance

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In 2008, Scottish & York Insurance Company changed their name to Aviva Scottish & York. Aviva Scottish & York Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc, one of Canada largest insurance companies. Aviva also changed the name of their Pilot Insurance Company, which is now known as Aviva Pilot. Aviva has been selling insurance to Canadians since 1906.


Aviva Canada is broken down into five subsidiaries:

Aviva Insurance Company
Aviva Elite
Aviva Traders
Aviva Pilot
Aviva Scottish & York

Affordable Car Insurance

Aviva Scottish & York is known for its competitively priced auto and home insurance coverage. They work with broker partners across the country to deliver specialty and traditional insurance products.

Brokers That Sell Aviva Scottish & York

The following companies offer coverage from the Scottish & York Insurance Company:

Intergroupe Assurances
The Insurance Hotline 
Creighton & Company Insurance Brokers
Kanetix Canada
Hagerty Insurance
Insurance Portfolio Incorporated

How Do You Purchase Aviva Scottish & York Insurance?

The easiest way to find a broker is to visit the Aviva Canada website and click on the ‘Find a Broker’ link. You will be taken to a page that allows you to enter your postal code. Click enter and you will get a list of Aviva Insurance brokers located within 25 kilometres of your home. Your other option is to contact local brokers in your city and see if they carry Aviva products.

Complaint Officer

If you would like to speak to the Scottish & York Insurance Company Complaints Officer, Lori DeAcetis, you can reach her by calling 1-877-219-3643 (EXT 43634). The email address for the complaints department is You can also mail them a letter at the following address: 2206 Eglinton Ave East, Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 4S8.

Claims Line

Call 1-866-692-8482 if you need to make a claim. You will be put in touch with an Aviva Canada Claims Care Advisor. This is a toll free telephone service that is open 24 hours a day. Aviva Canada will connect you with their network of preferred car repair shops. If you visit the Aviva Canada website you can view a map of the Premiere Auto Repair Centres that are affiliated with the insurance company.

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