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Are you a student looking for cheap car insurance? You aren’t alone. Most drivers start out as students, and one of the first things you need to do as a new driver is to get car insurance. Regardless of the insurance company, students are often faced with higher premiums for a variety of reasons, the main one being their lack of experience. Whether you’re a good student or not, insurance companies consider students to be a high-risk driver, likely to be involved in an accident. As a result, student car insurance rates are steep.

Who is considered a student?

Car insurance providers consider anyone that is enrolled in highschool or a post-secondary institution such as college or university, a student. Students are typically young drivers under the age of 25. With less than ten years of driving experience under their belt, students are still learning the rules of the road and insurance companies consider them to be of higher risk.

What type of car insurance do students need?

Like all drivers in Canada, it is mandatory for students to have third-party liability insurance, accident benefits, uninsured motorist coverage, and direct compensation property damage coverage. They also may take advantage of optional coverage such as comprehensive or collision coverage.

Optional Coverage

Student discounts for car insurance

While student car insurance tends to be quite costly, many car insurance companies offer a student discount. A student discount can help compensate for the high premiums. You may save money on auto insurance by meeting the following criteria:

Low Mileage: Students who go to college or university away from home and rarely drive can typically receive discounted rates their insurance company.

Successfully Completing a Driving Course: Insurance companies reward students who enroll in an approved driving course and pass. Enrolling in such a course will provide you with a better knowledge of the rules of the road and you will be considered a safer, lower risk driver.  Taking a defensive driving course will not only sharpen your skills but it will also help you get cheaper auto insurance.

Being Enrolled in Post-Secondary: Your insurance company may give you a discount for being enrolled in college or university. Simply speaking, it pays to be a student. You may also qualify for further discounts if you get good grades – it pays to be a good student.

Get Your Full G License: When you get your full license, you will be rewarded with discounted premiums. For example, a student under 25 with their G license will likely experience a lower premium than a driver in the same position who still only has their G2 license. Insurance companies will consider those with their G license as a better driver. 

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How does student car insurance differ by province?

Like all car insurance, premiums will vary based on the province in which you live. For example, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba all have government-run insurance programs. In every other province, your car insurance rates will differ based on a variety of factors, including your level of experience, mileage, postal code, type of car you drive, driving record, and more. 

Auto insurance companies consider your province, city, and even postal code when calculating your premium. If you’re an out-of-province student and you drive a car, it is important that your insurance policy meets the requirements of the province in which you study. If you live in a province where insurance is government-operated, it’s recommended that you make sure you’ll still have the adequate coverage in your province of study. If you don’t get the appropriate coverage and get in an accident, you may end up with unwanted out of pocket expenses. 

Where can I buy student car insurance?

Like all types of insurance, it is recommended to shop around and compare car insurance quotes across various providers. With insurance products being so complex, it is nearly impossible to find two providers that will offer you the same policy at the same. Comparing insurance quotes for cars allow you to find the coverage that suits your needs at a price you can afford. 

How much does student car insurance cost?

Insurance is typically more expensive for students as they are usually less experienced drivers. As a student, you can expect your premium to be higher than that of a driver with a decade or more of experience. As you gain a further understanding of the rules of the road and years of experience, as long as you keep a clean record, your rates should start to decrease. This will usually happen after six to ten years. Luckily, there are several discounts available to students to help reduce the cost. 

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