Zenith Car Insurance Canada Review

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History of Zenith

Tracing back to 1804, Zenith Insurance is a longstanding Canadian insurance provider known to offer a wide range of insurance policies. Whether business or personal insurance, Zenith has the industry experience to offer customers exactly what they need at an incredible value. Originally known as Lombard Canada Limited, Zenith is currently operating under Northbridge Financial Corporation as a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings.

Having served Canadians for over 200 years, Zenith Auto Insurance continuously evolves to meet customer demands, offering tailor-made insurance plans catered to individuals’ needs. The Zenith team understands what it means to be human. As a result, they offer reliable, predictable, and affordable insurance policies with the intention of keeping you and your family safe under any unforeseen circumstance. Working with Zenith means having peace of mind and full protection every time you’re out on the road.

Zenith Car Insurance rebranded itself as Trushield

After a shift in brand, Zenith Insurance Company now operates under the Trushield name. Retaining their loyal customer base, this rebranding has allowed Zenith to grow and enhance their insurance offerings while continuing to offer Canadians the protection they deserve. While remaining true to their roots, Trushield has narrowed their focus to direct-to-consumer small business insurance, catering to the risks faced by Canadian small business owners. 

Trushield continues to provide hard-to-beat car insurance policies, as Zenith has for many years. With additional policy features, coverage, and discounts, Trushield goes the extra mile. With reasonable discounts and the ability to combine insurance packages, Trushield knows your needs before you do. Every time you get behind the wheel you can rest assured that hit Trushield has your back, as Zenith always has.

Zenith Car Insurance Policy Features

In compliance with Canadian law, every Zenith insurance policy comes standard with trauma and liability coverage, including accident, liability, and uninsured driver coverage.

The most common type of coverage, accident coverage covers injuries to yourself and your passengers during an accident. This coverage is offered to help you recover quickly from a crash while avoiding costly bills. This feature covers unforeseen expenses such as:


  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Cost Of Long Term Disabilities 

The intention of liability coverage is to cover damages to the other driver while protecting your bank account from costly bills. This covers the other driver’s medical bills and the cost of repairing or replacing their car. This feature will protect you financially if you are sued following an accident.

If the other driver doesn’t have insurance coverage or you are involved in a hit-and-run, uninsured driver coverage will look after you.

Customizable Features

Zenith makes car insurance easy for their customers with customizable features. Customers have the ability to select different dollar values of coverage and protection from various risks. Depending on their preferences, drivers may adjust their coverage for added protection from burdens whether medical bills or personal liability. For further coverage, customers have the option to select coverage for named perils such as theft or vandalism.

Zenith is very reasonable. If you receive a minor traffic ticket, you don’t need to worry about your premiums being raised. This way, next time you get pulled over you can sit back and relax knowing that Zenith has your back.

The higher insurance rates and premiums following an accident can be a major financial burden for an at-fault driver. Accident forgiveness gives you a one-time pass for your first at-fault accident. Adding this benefit to your car insurance policy with Zenith means your car insurance rates will not increase as a result of your first at-fault accident.

While having your car break down is a hassle in itself, the costs that come with it are even worse. When you buy car insurance from Zenith, they will help you out with towing or roadside assistance costs. Whether you require a tow truck, tire change, or a gas top-up, Zenith has got it covered.

Depreciation coverage will reimburse you for the original purchase value of your vehicle. When you add Zenith’s depreciation coverage to your car insurance policy you don’t need to worry about losing any of your car's value.

Zenith Insurance Company Discounts

Zenith makes it easy to save on your insurance policies through a variety of discounts. Some common ways to get a discount include:


If you don’t already take advantage of bundling policies, you’re missing out. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save on insurance. For example, most customers bundle their home and auto insurance, in addition to bundling multiple auto policies.

Having more than one car also has its advantages. Zenith offers additional savings for drivers with multiple vehicles.

There are many benefits to having a good driving record. Zenith rewards drivers with a clean record free of accidents, driving convictions, or claims with a discount. To be eligible, you must be a conviction-free driver, licensed for at least three years. For those who fall under this category, if you receive a minor driving conviction, Zenith will let it slide. 

If you are a college or university student or graduate, you can take advantage of Zenith’s discounts. As young drivers are usually stuck paying high insurance premiums, this discount is quite popular amongst students.

Being an experienced driver definitely has its perks. Customers with over ten years of experience can take advantage of a discount. For those younger drivers, Zenith offers a discount to drivers below the age of twenty-five who graduate from a G2 to a G license.

How to file a claim with Zenith Car Insurance

When it comes time to file an insurance claim with Zenith, the process is simple and transparent. Zenith prides themselves on resolving claims quickly. For drivers who experience minor accidents, Zenith offers an “express claims service” which simply requires submitting pictures of the damage to their vehicle.

Depending on the customers’ preferences, Zenith accepts claims submitted both through their website or toll-free number.

How to contact Zenith Insurance Company

  • By phone: 1-855-629-1213
  • Website: https://www.trushieldinsurance.ca/

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Zenith’s website has great information on ways to prevent fire, water, and electrical damage to your home and vehicle. They also have information on what to do if you are in an accident and need to make a claim. 

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