Why Do My Dashboard Lights Stay On When Car Is Off?

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dash lights on without key in ignition

Nowadays, many car owners are experiencing a peculiar problem. Such as the dashboard lights remain on after the ignition is switched off, the light switch is off, and the keys removed.

It has left countless vehicle owners puzzled about what might have caused the problem. Car experts indicate that the problem is often with your ignition switch when the dash lights stay on even after removing the ignition key.

A fault in the lights’ control module is among the causes why dash lights stay on even when the key is unplugged. In some cases, you’ll also notice your parking lights and tail lights stays lighted together with your dashboard lights. Today, we’ll discuss the issues concerning the dashboard light staying on when the car is off. Read on to learn more!

Why Do Dashboard Lights Stay On After Key Is Removed?

So many lights? The newer your automobile, the more dash warning lights you notice when you switch your ignition and start your car. What should you do when the dashboard light of your car stays on even when your car engine is off? What does it mean? What causes it?  Don’t overlook them! As it means your vehicle has detected an issue. Below is the gathered list of possible causes of the problem.

Bad Battery

A bad car battery could cause dash lights to remain on even if your ignition is turned off; voltage level is essential in modern, sophisticated automobiles. Your vehicle’s digital components interact by utilizing both low and high voltages.

Once your battery fails, the code in your digital control can begin delivering weird signals. As a result, you should perform the crank test to confirm that it’s around 12.65 volts to prove whether your battery causes the problem or not.

Dirty or Loose Battery Cables

Dirty, damaged, or loose battery wires can create fluctuating lights and dash lights to stay on even after turning off the ignition. If your battery terminals deteriorate, battery acid can seep from its terminal posts; consequently, it’s preferable to maintain the cables to avoid electric failures.

Failing ABS system

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) problems are causing these issues. A defective braking system can disable your ABS capabilities, affecting your dashboard electronics.

Low Engine Oil Pressure

If your engine oil pressure is low, your engine oil indicator lights will illuminate; a shortage of engine oil can influence your vehicle’s electrical system, resulting in dashboard lights that remain on after your automobile is turned off. As a result, it’s essential to inspect your engine and verify that the oil is at the proper level.

Blown ECM Fuse

Your car’s engine control module is primarily in charge of all electrical operations of your engine. Difficulties with your engine control module generate many troubles, such as poor fuel pumping, electrical errors, and even starting problems. Dash lights that don’t turn off when your ignition is turned off and the key is removed could be a sign of a broken engine control fuse.

Ignition Switch Problems

Your entire vehicular system is controlled by your ignition system, which determines whether or not the lights stay on. A damaged ignition can cause unexpected shattered internals that short circuit any vehicle’s electrical system that powers your lights.

Faulty Accessory Wirings

Electrical accessories you add to your cars, such as additional fans, lights, speakers, and other components that need to be wired, can also be a cause of the problem. This occurs due to wrongly connecting an accessory to the nearest hot wire, which could be your dash lights wire.

Fault In The LCM

Your car’s lighting control module plays a massive role in all the lights on your vehicle. A fault or short in the control module for the lights is among the causes why your dash lights stay illuminated.

Can Dashboard Lights Drain Battery?

Your car battery powers your dashboard lights, and when left on, they may consume and drain your battery. While the amount of power they use at any one moment is almost minuscule, keeping these lights on will entirely deplete your battery overnight.

This is why your dash lights not turning off once the ignition switch is turned off can cause an issue. If a solution is not identified right away, it’s best to detach the battery connections from the vehicle when leaving it so that it doesn’t discharge.

How To Fix The Problem?

Even though the problem could be minor, it’s preferable to master basic DIY skills to assist you in resolving dashboard light difficulties. To see whether the problem is just temporary, switch off your engine and restart it.

When the issue is just temporary, your dashboard lights should turn off once you restart your engine. If the faulty dashboard lights don’t go away on their own, you can detach and reattach your car’s battery.

Your car’s check engine light will indicate whether your vehicle requires an expert’s repair. It communicates with your car sensors, sending impulses when something is wrong; the universal adaptor on your dashboard can diagnose troubles. You can connect it to an OBD2 scanner that can identify your car problems.

Furthermore, to efficiently maintain your car, you need to understand what different dashboard lights and dashboard lights represent. It’s preferable to comprehend such lights and their significance to the health of your vehicle.


Car troubles can be catastrophic, mainly if you are unsure how to handle them yourself. The issue with dashboard lights stay on when car is off can be a headache if not addressed immediately and adequately.

You should be familiar with the various dash lights and their meanings, making it easier to discover underlying automotive problems. If your battery is malfunctioning, inspect the cables to guarantee they aren’t exposed, which might result in short circuits.

Furthermore, it would be best to address low oil levels, which influence the battery and dash lighting. Lastly, inspect your ignition system to verify it’s not causing difficulties with the dashboard.


Why my interior lights won’t turn off?

The most frequent reason for interior light or your dome light not going off is either an unintentionally triggered dashboard light control button or a faulty door switch. If you have access to the rear of your door switch, you can disconnect the cable. The cable readily detaches from the switch.

Where’s the dashboard fuse located?

Your car’s interior fuse panel is located beneath your dashboard on the driver’s side. While in your engine bay, there are another two fuse panels beneath the hood. The primary fuse box is on the passenger side, next to the battery.

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