Choosing The Right License Plate Screw Sizes

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license plate screw sizes

Our car’s license plate is one of its various critical elements and is secured in position with a minimum of two screws. The license plate is an essential aspect of your authority to drive your automobile inside a particular region, typically a county. Therefore, license plates must be properly secured with a proper screw to prevent them from falling off. Driving plate-less seems like an easy way to get pulled over and be interrogated by a traffic officer. After all, what is a fancy car with a missing license plate?

As a result, understanding the size of your car’s license plate screw is critical, whether you’ve just purchased a new vehicle or are replacing damaged or corroded plate screw. If you’re replacing a damaged or lost plate screw, it’s critical to understand the correct size to use for your vehicle. Which size of screw is most appropriate for your automobile?

Replacing the license plate or the screws takes five minutes and is simple enough for everyone – the only difficulty is determining the correct screw type. License plate screws are not universal, and they vary even within cars manufactured by the same manufacturer. The size is 1/4 – 14 – 3/4″ is the frequently used screw. In automobiles having a metal threaded holes, a particular kind of screw is utilized. Additionally, the types and sizes of screws differ by automobile make or model.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the required license plate screw sizes in various car makes and models. Continue reading to learn about conventional plate screw sizes, as well as the many kinds of screw that are available for our license plates.

The Significance of the Correct Screws

replace license plate screws

Never underestimate the significance of a license plate screw. These screws are critical to your vehicle because they enable you to rapidly attach and remove your license plates without causing any harm. Bear in mind that if the screws are much more visible than the holes, your license plate may sustain significant damage.

If you purchase a license plate screw and don’t get the correct size, you could have issues with screws that are either too short, too long, too thick, or too narrow for your plates. Additionally, you risk losing your plate. It’s important to understand the screw size you need since locating a retailer that stocks such sizes may be challenging. Additionally, they might not be interchangeable.

How To Read Screw Sizes

entire license plate mount

Screws have a different size system than most individuals are used to. For example, you may see M6 6mm x 1.0. This is important to understand since it will assist you in purchasing the correct size screw for your car model.

To begin, notice that the initial letter in the mentioned example is M. This refers to the largest diameter. The number immediately following the letter specifies the thread pitch. The numbers immediately follow.

In this case, it’s 6mm, which is the millimeters before achieving an inch. The number following the x specifies the number of threads included within the specified thread length. Each millimeter has one thread, which will later increase to 16mm.

License Plate Screw Size By Various Car Brands

There are several kinds of screws for automobile license plates. Bear in mind that the size of your screw is determined by the make and model of your car. While specific applications need self-tapping screws, flat head screws, and machine screws, others might require oval or threaded head screws. Even if there is a fixed size, you should still double-check. To assist you, below are the specifications for the most usual screw size found on today’s several vehicle’s license plates and brands.


Toyota license plate screw size features a diameter of approximately 1×0.5×0.5 inches or the M6 x1.0 x 25mm; and it is recommended to use the Never Rust OE style screws for your Toyota ride. These stainless steel screws are designed to fit exactly on all license plates for Toyota.

The majority of Toyota’s front bumpers would require drilling with larger screws and plastic anchoring to facilitate installation. Yet, these screws are better fitted for back license plates, requiring 2 self-tapping license plate fasteners.


Honda automobile models are well-known for its steel screws; the license plate screw size that suit the Honda plates range from 1/4 to 3/4″ in diameter or the M6 1.0 x 12-20mm. These screw sizes could be ideal for all Honda bikes and vehicles.

Nissan and Infiniti

If you’re fixing license plate of your Nissan or Infiniti car, 1/4 – 14 – 3/4″ or the M6 x 16mm is the proper Nissan plate screw size. You can use conventional stainless steel screws coated with Zinc, for efficiently keeping your plate screw from corrosion.

Ford & Ford F-150 Truck

If you own a Ford, you’ll be needing 1/4×3/4″ screws having a 3/8 inch hex-slotted head and a 3/8 inch drive socket. These screws are suitable with nylon and plastic retainers and are attainable in chrome, stainless steel, or black zinc.

1/4-14-5/8 inch screws are the proper size for F-150 truck. These screws feature a 1/4-inch thread diameter, 14 threads, and a length of 5/8-inch. Indeed, this specific form of screw suits the plate holes of almost every American-made automobiles and trucks equipped with plastic or nylon holders. Theyse screws are stainless steel, as is customary, and include hex heads that make them easy to secure with a drive socket.


Even though the Chevrolet’s typical license plate screw size is approximately 10mm long, it may be preferable to use longer screws around 12mm or shorter screws about 8mm, depending on your car. However, it is recommended to choose high-quality stainless steel screws compatible with Chevrolet automobiles. Choose plates that do not require slotted truss heads since they match the license plates nicely and are rustproof license plate screws


All Audi vehicles are equipped with a standard license plate screw. This model utilizes a Slotted Hex Washer Head screw with a dimension of M6-1.0 x 16 mm. Screws should be suitable with the plates and robust, and it may be desirable to use stainless steel screws to guarantee they never rust.


BMW uses the 10mm size. However, your car can get along with a 12mm and shortness of roughly 8mm. Also,  M5x10mm screws are appropriate. These stainless screws are corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and constructed of high-quality components. They’re the ideal choice to substitute your old screws because of their superior design.


These stainless steel license plate screws measurements are 13.8mm X 22mm X 6.3mm. These screws features a head diameter of 0.54 inch, screw diameter of 0.25′′, and a thread length of 0.86′′. The maker provides three distinct screw variations appropriate for the Chrysler usage.


Lexus takes a somewhat different tack, using 0.50inch x 0.55 inch x 0.50 inch and having a fine screw thread. Apart from that, small/medium-sized head screwdriver are required to install the ordinary 316 stainless crews.


This is an excellent kit for both rear and front Mazda license plates. This self-tapping screw is used on the front license plate, whereas the four fine-threaded screws are used on the rear license plate. These screws are suitable with practically all Mazda models. Although the manufacturer does not specify the specific size of such screws, We would presume they are 5mm and have a thread length of 12-16mm.


Although GMC cars accept standard hex head screws, We believe this oxidized color black set seems more excellent and fits properly on the majority of cars due to the 0.75 inch x 0.25 inch universal specifications. These screws, made of 18-8 stainless steel, must not rust or degrade in any manner, which is critical for a iron object exposed to various weathers and elements.


If you own a Kia, your vehicle most likely utilizes the M6 X 1.0 X 25mm. This is the typical license plate screw for Kia application. Use standard stainless steel coated with zinc for rustproofing the license plate screws. These stainless steel screws are tough, and you should go for ones with a black coating to extend their life.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz license plate screws are pan head stainless steel with a slot for a head screwdriver. The kit includes both four 6mm screws and 5mm screws, allowing it to be applied on many Mercedes Benz automobiles. The thread measures 16mm (0.63 inch) in length, which is an extra length required to bear its license plate frame.


Hyundai license plate screws are somewhat smaller than those used by other manufacturers. The backplate screws have a diameter of 0.23 inch, a head diameter of 0.46 inch, and a thread length of 0.64 inch. They are constructed of standard 316 stainless screws and matches with most Hyundai automobiles. A screwdriver is required to secure the front license plate screws, whereas a head screwdriver is needed to secure the rear license plate screws.


Typically, Subaru license plate screws are slotted hex washer head 6mm round having a 1mm thread pitch, and features a length of roughly 15mm.


The standard license plate screw size used in Volkswagen automobiles is 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.75 inches. This screw size secures the plate firmly in place, eliminating the possibility of your car’s license plate slipping out of position.

Dodge & Dodge RAM Truck

An excellent product for Dodge automobiles contains zinc-plated, stainless steel screws, washers, screw covers, and inserts available in the market, and they’re sold as a kit or package. The screws are standard 1/4 inch x 3/4 inch and having a 3/8 inch slotted hex heads that you reinforce with a flat head screwdriver.

M12xP0.75 to M16X P050 screws are used for Ram truck license plates, with the majority being approximately 14 X P025 in size. M14XP050 screws are also used, and also M14xP0.75 and 14XP025. The screw is 12 mm long and features a thread diameter of 0.50 mm.

Replacing A License Plate Screw

Replacing your license plate screw is a straightforward task if you have the necessary knowledge. You’ll need a Phillips or flat head screwdriver to get off the old or damaged ones and bolt in the new screws. Replace the old or broken screws in the following easy steps:

  • To begin, examine the rear license plate. Unscrew the two old screws using the appropriate screwdriver.
  • Take your license plate off the car and put it aside. If needed, clean them.
  • Remove any dust and debris from the area surrounding the holes.
  • Put your license plate to its designated place along with the frame.
  • Screw in the new ones using the screwdriver. Assemble the plate with its frame tightly.
  • Continue to the car’s front and detach and replace the screws in the front.

Unscrewing Rusted License Plate Screws

Unscrewing a rigid rusted screw is such an upsetting and time-consuming task if you don’t have the proper types of equipment and ideal methods to get the job done. Below are a couple of ways to do it if you have a stubborn screw that won’t get off and takes a lot of your time and effort.

  • Hammering

Pound gently around the screw with a hammer. Rust has the ability to fuse objects together throughout time. Lightly tapping the screw might assist in moving it. This should be done only if you are confident you will not harm the vehicle or plate. Then, using your screwdriver, remove the screw. Repeat with remaining stubborn screws.

  • Lubrication

Spray enough WD-40 round the screw and use the same approach to work the grease into the threads. If you have tough corroded screws, a lube designed for this purpose may be preferable to WD-40. After spraying the screw with lubricant, let it sit for a couple of minutes before unscrewing it again. When nothing happens, repeat the spray and allow it to rest for about 30 mins. Then, use extra elbow grease, and attempt to loosen the screw.

  • Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is comparable to a drill in that it generates rotational force capable of extracting a screw. It conserves rapid power for times when the screw presents resistance. These types of equipment are not usually the ideal choice for this task since they are designed for lengthy screws. However, this may be worth doing if all other procedures have failed. If you have difficulty using a hammer, they may be a better option for you since they are far lighter and simpler to use.

Where to Purchase License Plate Screws?

License plate screws are available in many auto parts stores. However, Online is one of the greatest sites to buy license plate screws; such as Ebay or Amazon. You can quickly do your car model search there. Conduct a search on Amazon for the license plate screw. Simply input your exact vehicle’s make and model on the site’s search tab and it’ll show you thie available products you’re looking for. Also, you can get license plate screws directly from the dealer where you acquired the vehicle.


The license plate screw size through numerous car makes, as specified by their respective manufacturers, has been revealed for your convenience. As a result, you should record the precise size advised for your vehicle if you have to install a new license plate or replace the screws in an existing plate.Repairing your car’s license plate is very simple, providing you have the appropriate license plate screw; else, you may spend the whole day struggling to push the screw into the slot. The technique will ultimately fail since it is akin to pushing a square nail into a circular slot.


Are all license plates screws the same size?

Certainly not! Each license plate screw is unique. Most car manufacturers create their own distinctive license plate screws for their numerous car makes and models. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) screws are specifically designed for a car manufacturer’s make and model.

Are license plate screws universal size?

Screws on license plates vary in size among vehicle models, although they are often included in a dealer kit. Although the most typical screw size used in automobile license plate is 7mm x 1.0 thread type, different brackets and packages will consist of screws with a variety of different sizes to accommodate your car.

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