Don’t Miss a Great Deal on Mississauga Car Insurance!

The city of Mississauga is located in Southern Ontario. It is the fourth largest city in the Great Lakes, growing even larger than both Milwaukee and Cleveland in the last decade or so. Mississauga has close ties to Toronto as it started out as a suburb of Toronto. However, Mississauga is no bedroom community – it has a lot of corporate and industrial employment opportunities available for its residents. Five major freeways pass through Mississauga, which provides access to a variety of different markets in both Canada and the United States.

Car Insurance in Ontario

Auto insurance in Mississauga is overseen by the Ontarian government. The government requires that all drivers in Mississauga have a minimum amount of auto insurance. Although some provinces provide auto insurance through the government, in Ontario insurance is only provided by private companies.

Although the law requires drivers to carry insurance, the sad truth is that not all of them do. Many drivers simply cannot afford the insurance, or rationalize their lack of insurance by saying that they won’t get into an accident and thus will never require insurance. Never say never though – uninsured motorists cause enough accidents that most insurance policies contain coverage in case a driver is hit by one without insurance. The amount of uninsured motorist coverage that comes with a policy differs from province to province. In Ontario, the amount of coverage required is quite reasonable at $25,000. In Alberta though, you don’t even need any coverage, but in Manitoba you have to be covered to up to $200,000!

The Uninsured Vehicles Project

In order to help protect people from others who drive without insurance, the Ontario government’s Ministry of Transportation has teamed up with the insurance industry to create the Uninsured Vehicles Project. The goals of this project include reducing insurance fraud, improving road safety and trying to keep insurance rates fair by lowering the amount of uninsured drivers on the road. This project came into effect in November 2010.

The way the Uninsured Vehicles Project works is by providing an electronic way to identify whether cars are insured or not in Ontario. The project has created a database that matches a car’s VIN number to its insurance status. When a driver renews the license plates of their car, their record will be checked. If the driver lacks insurance, they will not receive a license plate renewal.

If you are caught driving without insurance, you face a stiff penalty. For the first offence, you will be fined up to $25,000. If a second offence occurs, that fine goes up to $50,000 and your license may be suspended for up to a year.

Other major cities that are neighbours with Mississauga include OshawaPickeringRichmond Hill, and Toronto.