Car Insurance in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, located in the province of Ontario, is the capital of Canada. It is considered to be the third cleanest city in the world and has the second highest quality of living out of both North and South America. Queen Victoria picked Ottawa to be the capital of Canada in 1857. She chose Ottawa for several reasons. First, it was one of the few significant settlements located in between present day Quebec and Ontario, so choosing a location here was an attempt to make a compromise between the French and English populations of those areas. Second, after the War of 1812 it became clear that Canadian cities close to the border of America were particularly vulnerable, so Victoria chose a location far from the border. Third, the government already owned the land that would become Ottawa.

Transportation Options in Ottawa

Ottawa has over 800,000 residents. Many of these residents utilize the highly successful public transportation systems Transitway and O-Train while others choose to drive their own cars. Drivers in Ottawa are required by law to have auto insurance. Car insurance in Ottawa can be purchased from any of the 140 or more private companies in Ontario. These companies offer different packages and compete with each other based on price, coverage and service.

Ontario Insurance Reforms in 2010

In September 2010, the Ontario government instituted several reforms for the auto insurance industry. These reforms were instituted in an effort to help keep auto insurance affordable. Over the years, injury claims for things like sprains and whiplash have gone up drastically, resulting in greater payouts to collision victims. The rising costs subsequently caused premiums to go up as well. The reforms are intended to help keep minor injury claims and costs under control while still providing proper benefits to victims.

Changes to the Minimum Requirements

With these new reforms, the minimum auto insurance requirements changed. Now, coverage must include up to $50,000 in medical, rehabilitation and attendant care for minor injuries, and up to $1,000,000 for major injuries. Caregiver benefits and housekeeping and home maintenance are also required, but only pay out in the instance of serious injuries. Income replacement benefits cover up to 70% of gross income, up to $400 a week.

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