Finding the Right Insurance Coverage in Pickering, Ontario

The city of Pickering, Ontario is located immediately east of Toronto. Although there are a few industrial areas located in the southern part of Pickering, the majority of South Pickering is quite suburban. The northern part of Pickering, on the other hand, is far more rural; in fact, much of that land is used for agriculture.

Pickering Drivers Need Auto Insurance

Residents of Pickering that own, lease or drive cars are required by Ontario law to have car insurance. If you are found driving without car insurance, you can be fined anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. In addition to that, you can also lose your licence and your car. If you are convicted of driving without car insurance, you may find it extremely difficult to purchase reasonably priced car insurance once you decide you actually want to buy it.

Although car insurance companies are allowed to discriminate against drivers based upon a conviction of driving without insurance, there are several factors they are not allowed to use when determining your premiums. Bad credit history or lack of a job should not impact the cost of your premiums. Insurance companies are not allowed to take into consideration how long you have lived in your current home, if you have declared bankruptcy, if you own a credit card or if you own or lease your car. Most importantly, accidents that were not your fault or were less than 25% your fault are not factored into the price of the premiums either.

About the City

The largest single employer in Pickering is the Ontario Power Generation (OPR), which runs the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Other employers in Pickering include Yorkville Sound, Purdue Pharma, Hubbell Canada, Eco-Tec Inc. and PSB Speakers-Lenbrook. In addition to these major companies, Pickering is also home to a great many small businesses – the city was recognized by Profit Magazine in 2006 as one of the top ten best places in Canada to grow a business. Although Pickering’s economy heavily relies upon manufacturing and industry, those fields are not the only source of revenue in the city; there’s a fair share of tourism going on as well thanks to Nautical Village, a popular summer tourist destination by Lake Ontario.