Distractions That Are Worse Than Using a Cell Phone While Driving

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There have been many studies done on the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, but it seems like cell phones have been given a bad rap while other forms of distraction have gotten a free pass. For instance, many accidents are also caused by eating while driving, putting make-up on while driving, and even just changing the radio dial while driving. But should these other forms of distraction be considered illegal just as the case is with holding a cell phone while driving?

While it’s a definite truth that texting while driving, or even holding onto a cell phone while trying to operate a vehicle is dangerous, there are more factors at work here. Even talking on the phone while using a Bluetooth headset and driving down the highway can be considered a distraction, and not everyone handles these distractions the same way. Just as the mind has a hard time multi-tasking, it can be almost impossible to fully focus on driving a car while taking part in a personal conversation. But if this is true of cell phones it must also be true of any conversation taking place in a car.

Talking to Your Friends & Family Members While Driving

In fact, one could even make an argument that talking to people in your car can be more dangerous than talking to a friend on the phone. After all, in the car you are tempted to look at people’s faces in the car and maybe even turn your head to make a comment or hear someone better. And with more than two people in the vehicle it can be even more difficult to focus on paying attention to the road. Even though most people think they can multi-task just fine while driving, it is important to note that most car accidents happen when people try to do too many things at one time in the automobile. Even one distraction can cause you to lose the focus you need to operate a vehicle safely.

Some People Are Better Multi-Taskers

Since many provinces in the Canada have passed laws that do not allow drivers to hold a cell phone in their hands while driving a vehicle, should there also be laws about talking to passengers while driving? It seems absurd right? But if the real attempt of the law is to keep people safer while driving, it seems almost necessary to consider what distracts us when we drive. The reality is that some people are simply better at multi-tasking than others and can operate a vehicle while talking on the phone without any loss of focus or performance. Of course, since we all have to abide by the same laws, it only makes sense to use common sense that can apply to everyone.

So the next time you get upset at someone for using a cell phone while driving consider your own driving habits. Is it really any worse than talking to your kids in the backseat while driving? Or is it really that much worse than eating fast food in the car while cruising down the highway? Yes, many car accidents and fatalities have been linked to cell phone use, but don’t let that give you a false security that all those other distractions are justifiable just because you don’t use a cell phone in your car.

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