Fire Hydrant Parking: Your Questions Answered

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fire hydrant parking ontario

It’s a typical day in Ontario and you need to make a quick stop at the store. You find parking on the side of the road, but there is one issue: it’s right next to a fire hydrant.

You know that if you park there you will get fined by authorities, but how much is the parking ticket? Does it affect your insurance? Do you get demerit points? So many questions!

Whether or not this situation has happened to any of us before, we all want answers about the rules for parking near fire hydrants.

Below we answer some of the most common questions we receive about fire hydrant parking:

If you passed your G1 exam, you probably should know the answer to this question. But it’s been about 10 years since I’ve taken my exam and I know I could use a refresher.

In Ontario, you’re not allowed to park within three metres of a fire hydrant. If you park next to a fire hydrant you will receive a fine. Parking violations change between municipalities and provinces, so it’s important to be aware of the parking rules in the area you’re parking. For example, in British Columbia you will get a parking ticket if you park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant.

You should also avoid blocking fire routes if you want to avoid a parking ticket. Be on the lookout for signs like this:

fire route

Can I park across the street from a fire hydrant?

You cannot park in front of a fire hydrant if there are signs, and you must be less than 3 meters away from the hydrant. In general, roads wide enough for you to park across the street from a fire hydrant. But always double check that parking is allowed before doing so!

How much is a ticket for parking too close to a fire hydrant?

In Ontario, depending on the municipality you’re in, a parking ticket fine is usually around $100. You can pay this ticket at your local city hall or online.

Will my car be towed for parking too close to a fire hydrant?

Illegally parked cars may be towed by the city, but not just for parking too close to a hydrant once or twice. Under new rules enacted in January, drivers who have three undisputed unpaid tickets can get their vehicle towed if they’ve received another ticket within 120 days of their last offence. The only requirement is that it must be any kind of infraction–not necessarily one specifically related to illegal parking near hydrants!

Will I get demerit points for a fire hydrant parking ticket?

No, since a fire hydrant parking ticket is not a moving violation you will not receive any demerit points.

Can I park next to yellow fire hydrant?

No, you cannot park in front of a yellow fire hydrant. The colour of fire hydrants are relevant and the same rules apply.

How to avoid a ticket

The simple answer to avoid parking nearing a fire hydrant, but here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind when parking in the city:

  1. Be aware of fire hydrants closer to buildings or across the curb
  2. Check for street signs that mention fire routes or no parking
  3. Plan your trip ahead of time
  4. Avoid stopping in ‘no stopping zones’ or ‘no standing zones’
  5. Take advantage of public transportation – better for your wallet and the environment!

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