Places to Learn About Auto Insurance Law in Canada

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The Government of Alberta has a website that includes the Insurance Act and Regulations for that province. On July 1, 2012 changes were made to the Alberta Insurance Act. You can find out about those changes by clicking here. For more external resources click on the following links:

Insurance Act
Insurance Amendment Act (2008)

This page has links to a variety of other documents including the Automobile Insurance Rate Board Fees Regulation, Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits Regulation, Automobile Insurance Premiums Regulation, and many other insurance regulations in Alberta.

British Columbia

The BC Laws website provides public access to insurance laws in British Columbia. They have a very extensive glossary page with definitions of key terms. To learn about the Insurance (Vehicle) Act click here to be taken to the table of contents page on the BC Laws website. You can download a copy of the Insurance Act from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) website. They also have a page called Statutes and Regulations, which has links to auto insurance laws in British Columbia.


There is an unofficial version of Manitoba’s Insurance Act on the Manitoba Laws website.


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FCSO) has a section on their website called Automobile Insurance, which focuses on auto insurance regulations in that province. The page has links to a number of useful resources including scam and warning notices for consumers, information about insurance law, and how your insurance rates are set. They have a statutes and regulations page, which serves as a table of contents for insurance legislation in Ontario.

Here are a few resources on that page:

Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
Insurance Act

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act
Registered Insurance Brokers Act

For a list of consumer publications from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario click here.


The Quebec Government has a website with information about auto insurance in the province. This section of their website discusses regulations of the Automobile Insurance Act.

Here are a few of the great resources on that page:

Insurance Coverage in Quebec
How to Make a Claim
What to do After an Accident


You can download a PDF of Saskatchewan’s Automobile Accident Insurance Act by clicking here. They also have a copy of the Saskatchewan Insurance Act on that Government of Saskatchewan website. You can purchase copies of these statutes by contacting the Saskatchewan Queen’s Printer on this web page.

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