Don’t Leave Your Security to Chance: Getting Personal Auto Insurance is Essential

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The term “personal car insurance” means different things to different people. Sometimes, it is used to distinguish between insurance for cars that individuals own, rather than commercial or business vehicles. In other instances, the term personal car insurance is used to differentiate coverage that is not obtained at “group” rates.

The most common designation for the term, however, pertains to individual car insurance policies. Auto insurance coverage should not be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Individual needs and objectives vary significantly.

Considering What to Consider

Insurance is a competitive industry, and product innovations occur daily. It is essential to adequately assess your needs before getting a quote. Some of the most common personal characteristics you should consider include:

Vehicle Type

Coverage needs for new or late-model cars will certainly be different from those of a 13-year-old $500 clunker. If your car has custom components you should keep in mind that this may affect your insurance also.

Vehicle Usage

If you regularly commute long distances or participate in carpools or transporting young children, your liability coverage needs will be higher than otherwise. This is also true if you utilize your vehicle for business purposes. Conversely, drivers logging very little annual mileage have much lower needs when it comes to liability coverage.


Personal finances play a major role in dictating coverage options. The extra cost of certain coverage may be well worth the financial sacrifice when potential consequences of omission are considered.

Where You Live

If you live in an area prone to minor natural disasters such as floods or hail storms, consider this when contemplating full-coverage options. Similarly, those residing in locales with high rates of theft or vandalism have different needs than rural residents.

Planned Length of Auto Ownership

Many motorists fail to consider this in assessing their individual coverage requirements. Those intending to “trade up” shortly will probably not desire the same policy features as motorists who are in their vehicles for the long haul.

Driver-Specific Characteristics

If you fall into a high-risk auto insurance category due to a poor driving record or other causes, your approach to seeking coverage should reflect this. Soliciting quotes from carriers which specialize in certain policy types may yield significant savings and availability of coverage options unavailable otherwise.

Insuring the Best Outcome For You

Sifting through many policy offerings may seem to be a daunting task. It is now easier than ever in today’s Information Age. Online sites like ours exist to educate consumers about the full range of coverage options. We are dedicated to insuring that you obtain the best possible rate for your individual auto insurance needs.

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