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Tire Reviews

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Review



The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tire was specifically designed for SUVs, crossover vehicles, and pickup trucks. It uses a unique and adaptive NanoPro Tech Multicell compound with hydrophilic coating. This is just one of the many features of this tire that allows it to perform so well on wet roads. The rest of the tire consists of a standard compound that is commonly used in winter tires.

This tire’s directional tread design offers fifteen percent more block edges for superior grip on icy and slushy roads. The engineers who developed this tire made it their goal to enhance overall handling on wet surfaces. They also focused on the braking capabilities of the tire in an effort to improve winter driving safety for customers.

The micro texture pattern used with this tire is one of the biggest factors in its impressive overall performance. This tire was made in Japan, and has earned an impressive reputation for itself. As the successor of the DM-V1, this tire has earned a lot of praise from customers all over the world.

Bridgestone is definitely among the more trustworthy and reliable tire manufacturers on the planet. This company has produced auto and truck parts since 1931.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Features

Micro texture pattern

This tire’s micro texture pattern delivers exceptional performance right away, so there is no breaking in period like with so many other tires.

Multi cell tread compound

Forty-five percent of this tire’s tread is made of a multi-cell compound. This compound means consistently impressive traction on slippery icy roads.

3D zigzag sipes

The unique zigzag pattern sipes used with this tire allow it to bite into the snow for better overall grip.

Depth indicator

There is also a depth indicator in the tread of this tire that will tell you when it is close to no longer being effective

How do they handle snowy terrain?

The Blizzak DM-V2 is capable of handling a variety of terrain, including paved roads that are slick with snow, ice, or slush. They can also go over mud and other surfaces with minimal issues. This is due to the strong gripping power and high traction design of these tires.

Tire specifications & sizes


  • Weight—27-45 pounds
  • Tread depth—14/32”, 13/32”
  • Overall diameter—26.77”-33”
  • Load index—95-117
  • Speed rating—R-up to 106 MPH, T-up to 118 MPH
  • Sidewall description—Black sidewall

Tire sizes available


  • P255/55R20 107T
  • 235/45R20 100S XL
  • 265/50R20 107T
  • 275/50R20 113S XL
  • 285/50R20 116T XL
  • 275/60R20 115R
  • 245/60R20 107S
  • P245/50R20 102T
  • 275/40R20 106T XL
  • 275/55R20 117T
  • 235/55R20 102T
  • 255/50R20 109T XL
  • 265/45R20 108T XL
  • 275/45R20 110T XL


  • P245/55R19 103T
  • 235/65R19 109S XL
  • 265/50R19 110T XL
  • 225/55R19 99T
  • 275/55R19 111S
  • P255/60R19 108S
  • 235/55R19 105T XL
  • 255/55R19 111T XL
  • 255/50R19 107T XL
  • 235/45R19 95S


  • P285/45R22 110T


  • 225/60R17 99S
  • 255/70R17 112S
  • 225/65R17 102S
  • P215/65R17 98S
  • 265/70R17 115R
  • 215/70R17 101S
  • P235/70R17 108S XL
  • 265/65R17 112R
  • 235/55R17 99T
  • 245/65R17 107S
  • 245/70R17 110S
  • 235/65R17 108S
  • 225/55R17 97T


  • 235/65R18 106S
  • 255/55R18 109T XL
  • 245/50R18 100T
  • 285/60R18 116R
  • 265/70R18 116R
  • 235/60R18 107S XL
  • P265/65R18 112R
  • P275/65R18 114R
  • 255/60R18 112S XL
  • 235/50R18 101T XL
  • P255/65R18 109S
  • P255/70R18 112S
  • 225/55R18 98T
  • 265/60R18 110R
  • 235/55R18 100T
  • 275/60R18 113R
  • 245/60R18 105S
  • 225/60R18 100S



  • 235/75R15 109R XL


  • 215/70R16 100S
  • 245/75R16 111R
  • 265/70R16 112R
  • 255/70R16 111S
  • 215/65R16 98S
  • P265/75R16 114R
  • 235/70R16 106S
  • 245/70R16 107S
  • 225/70R16 103S
  • 225/75R16 104R


Bridgestone offers free tire replacement within a period of three years from the initial purchase date.

Customer reviews

The highest ratings for this tire seem to be with winter/snow performance. Many of the reviews for these tires comment on their incredible gripping power, even in below freezing temperatures on ice. It also has high ratings for wet performance and comfort.


There is no question that the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tires have much to offer as a whole. These tires are an excellent choice for those who drive an SUV, crossover, or pickup truck in harsh winter weather conditions. This tire performs exceptionally well on snow, slush, and ice. It offers amazing gripping and overall handling when driving on slick paved roads and other surfaces. When you have these tires on your vehicle, you’ll be at reduced risk of slipping, sliding, and even hydroplaning.

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