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Tire Reviews

Continental 4×4 Contact Review




The Continental 4×4 Contact is a Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tire made to reflect a touring tire and deliver the same handling as high-end crossover and sport utility vehicles. The 4×4 Contact is used as original equipment for high-end crossover and sedan brands such as BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and more. Drivers can expect a solid all-season tire that provides great traction and durability and an overall comfortable ride.

The Continental 4×4 Contact tire is a tire worth getting excited about. The unique ContiTouringContact CH95 style tread design of the Continental 4×4 is what makes this model such a great all-season tire. Designed to provide drivers with several perks such as a comfortable ride, enhanced wet and dry traction, and decreased road-noise, the 4×4 hardly disappoints. The silica-based all-season tread compound and non-directional tread pattern can take credit for the impressive dry and wet traction, and the computer-optimized tread design increases noise resistance and overall ride quality.

Continental 4x4 Contact Performance Review

Treadwear and Durability

Many drivers have complained about the tread life of this tire. While the tire is designed to reduce treadwear with the silica-enhanced all-season tread compound and twin steel belts joined by a spirally wound jointless nylon reinforcement for increased durability, the 4×4 Contact doesn’t last as long as we’d like.

Dry Performance

The 4×4 Contact tire will perform well on dry pavement, providing good traction and stability. Steering response is also something to get excited about whether driving through the city streets on cruising on the highway. Overall, this is a favorable tire for dry conditions.

Wet Performance

The 4×4 contact tires aren’t the best tires on the market when it comes to wet performance but they’re definitely not bad. The 4×4 has proved to perform well in wet conditions, even in the rain. The tire has wide circumferential grooves for added grip and lateral grooves that expel water from under the tires on wet surfaces. These features protect drivers from hydroplaning and increases overall safety when driving in these conditions.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

When it comes to snow traction and braking performance, Continental 4x4s don’t compare to winter tires. With that being said, they do provide perform decently in such conditions. 4×4 Contact tires are designed with several sipes surrounding the tread in order to better grip uneven terrain and snowy roads.

Comparable to Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tires, you can expect to use these all-season tires in light snow. This is made possible with the ContiTouringContact CH95 style tread design, as mentioned above. These tires come in a range of sizes with wide tread widths which enable some snow performance – with the exception of heavy snow and ice. You will start to notice a lack of traction in such conditions.

If you’re looking to drive your vehicle through the winter and snow is expected, you are best to go with winter tires. Plus, with the 4x4s having a short treadlife to begin with, the winter conditions shorten this time even more.

Comfort & Noise

The Continental 4×4 Contact is known to provide an exceptionally comfortable ride, however, the road noise is louder than most would like. This is a common opinion across many drivers.

Tire Warranty

Owners of Continental 4×4 contact tires receive a limited warranty with their purchase. This includes one year coverage for tire uniformity or the first 2/32 inch of wear. Parts and labour are covered for 6-years and customers will receive replacement during the first year or first 2/32 inch of wear, free of cost. A prorated amount is also provided for the remaining time period down to the final 2/32 inch of tread depth.

There is also a one-year or first 2/32 inch of wear road hazard warranty, as well as Continental’s exclusive 30-day customer satisfaction trial.

Continental 4x4 Contact Tire Sizes & Specifications

Tire sizes available


215/75R16XL 107H

225/70R16 102H


225/60R17 98H

235/55R17 99V

235/60R17 102V

235/65R17 104V

235/65R17XL 108V

235/65R17 104H

235/65R17 104V

235/65R17XL 108V

235/70R17 111H

255/60R17 106H


235/50R18XL 101H

235/60R18 103H

255/55R18 105H

255/55R18XL 109V

255/55R18 105V

255/55R18XL 109H

265/60R18 110V

265/60R18 110H


235/50R19 99H

235/55R19XL 105H

255/50R19XL 107H

255/50R19XL 107V

255/55R19XL 111V

265/50R19XL 110H

265/50R19 110H

275/45R19XL 108V

275/55R19 111H

275/55R19 111V


265/45R20XL 108H

275/45R20XL 110H

How much do they cost?

The starting cost of the Continental 4×4 contact starts at $132 per tire. You can save on these tires with occasional rebates, discounts, coupons and seasonal promotions.

What vehicles will this tire fit?

  • Acura RDX, ZDX   
  • BMW X5, X6   
  • Cadillac SRX   
  • Dodge Nitro   
  • Ford Edge, Flex SE, F-150   
  • Honda Odyssey, Pilot   
  • Hyundai Santa Fe   
  • Jeep Liberty, Grand Cherokee   
  • Kia Sorento   
  • Land Rover Range Rover, LR3   
  • Mazda CX-7   
  • Mercedes-Benz ML350, ML550, R350   
  • Porsche Cayenne   
  • Toyota RAV4   
  • Volkswagen Touareg   
  • Volvo XC90   
  • And more!


In conclusion, the Continental 4×4 Contact tire is an all-season luxury tire comparable to a light truck/SUV touring tire. If you’re looking for favourable dry traction and handling in both wet and dry conditions and a comfortable ride, the 4×4 Contact is for you. If you’re looking for a long-lasting tire that will also perform well throughout the winter, you’re better off to keep looking.